Constipation and Ayurveda

Constipation is known as Malbaddhata or vibandh in Ayurveda.The in which there is passing of very hard stool or inability to evacuate completely is known as constipation.

Now a days this is very common problem seen in every age. Near about 60% of population is suffering from this disease . Our sedentary life style and poor food habit is responsible for this.

Although constipation is often looked upon as a common problem, if not treated or if treatment is delayed, it can lead to further problems such as fissures, fistulas, piles, lack of appetite and indigestion.


  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Incorrect food habit
  • Low fiber diet
  • Eating of dry and heavy food items
  • Less intake of fluids
  • Long term sitting habit
  • Suppression of urges
  • Late night awakening
  • Day sleeping
  • Psychological factors like stress,fear,anxiety,sorrow,depression


Due to all above mentioned reason, the digestive power become sluggish which cause  incomplete digestion of the food, which is not expelled by the intestines and causes the formation of ama (mucus).This ama occult stool slowly and  accumulate in the stomach and large intestines respectively and impair VataDosha. Which  results in obstruction of the digestive tract. When the digestive tract is not clear, the body will not be able to facilitate proper bowel movement, thereby leading to the condition of constipation.



  • Hard stool
  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Feeling of incomplete motioin
  • Indigestion (dyspepsia)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Flatulence
  • Pain at the anus while defecating
  • Heaviness of body
  • Lack of appetite
  • Acid eructation (belching)



Warm water intake balances the cold guna of vatadosha.It also reduces andimandyata

Intake of ghee in diet-it lubricate the tissuesso that an appropriate amount of oil or fat can remain in the stool. It also subpresses dry guna of vatadosha

  • Intake of fresh fruits
  • Fruits are very fibrous in nature hence it loosen the stool.
  • Pineapple juice and prune juice are particularly effective at moving excess vata in the colon.2 It is also fine to warm or dilute fruit juices with water.



  • Triphala,churna or triphala tablets
  • Gandharvaharitaki tablet or gandharvahastyadikashayam
  • Isabghol
  • Avipattikarchurna
  • Abhayarishta
  • Trivruttaavleha
  • Draksharishta
  • Panchsakarchurna
  • Icchabhedi rasa
  • Sukhsarakavati



  • Internal oleation-Abhyantarsneha pan-Intake of medicated ghee in increasing order
  • Bahyasnehana-Body massage with medicated oil
  • BastiUpakarma-Alternate basti of neha and kashaya helps in constipation
  • Virechana-Purgation by medicated cator oil causes the total cleasing of diagestive system.


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