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We all know the basic things about Diabetes, Clinical Data Showing the Best Diabetes Treatment in India. Diabetes has become one of the serious health issues in the last few decades. It has grown as a big cause of concern among the health care experts, and the people susceptible to this metabolic disorder. It is not only about the hormonal dysfunction of the pancreas but the other organ systems that lose their efficiency. Management of diabetes is not possible just by taking medicines; it also requires a change in lifestyle, diet, physical activity etc.

At Parijatak Ayurveda, you can get the best medicine for diabetes Nagpur. We not only treat diabetes with natural remedies for diabetes but also rejuvenate your mind and soul.

How to Treat Diabetes Naturally – A Research

At our center in Nagpur, we conducted a trial of 20 patients who had diabetes. Of them, 9 patients were taking insulin and 11 patients were taking oral antidiabetic drugs.

We treated all patients by our DMP (Diabetes Mellitus program) therapies. The 12 patients who were antibiotic drugs had sugar level around 160 – 198 mg/dl (Fasting) and 280-320mg/dl (Post meal) with medications. HbA1c was 7 -8.9 % which marked poor blood sugar control.

  • Yoga DM program- In the initial 8 days of our program, we performed yoga-basti treatment on our patients. It harmonizes all the doshas and expels the toxic elements of the body by shudhikaran therapy. We had snehan, swedan, and basti, specially designed for diabetes.
  • Virechana- After this, we did virechan karma on a patient. Our “Virechan Kadha” helps in the improvement of liver metabolism so it effects seen in HbA1c level.
  • Basti Treatment- Basti course was continued for 8 days again with medicines made from panchatikta, dashmool and with this Shirodhara started to reduced stress. After 8 days we saw reduced fasting sugar level- Fasting sugar range after Basti treatment was found to be 80-110 mg/dl and the post-meal level was in the range of 140-170 mg/dl.

The first 8 days are crucial in controlling post-meal sugar. In the first 8 days patients, sugar level is brought under control; fasting 100-160mg/dl and post-meal sugar is significantly decreased and the range is about 160-190. The HbA1c level ranges from 6.5 – 7.0 i.e., good control. Then we started to reduce their oral antidiabetic drugs gradually. Following that, we started the basti treatment again for more control of diabetes with a reduced dose of antidiabetic medicines.

Gradually, we stopped antidiabetic drugs and started treatment with natural herbs for diabetes like Chandra Prabha Vati, gudmarg ghan, madhurantak for maintenance of sugar level. The hba1c level was 5.5-6.7 that means it is in the best-controlled range. Along with this, changes in their lifestyle, diet and exercise regime also helped. This also helps in the reduction of complications of diabetes i.e., diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy.

Herbal Treatment for Diabetes India

A research on a patient of diabetes with insulin showed not much control over blood glucose level with drugs. Here, we did virechana along with sansarjana karma and ayurvedic medicine. The result was HbA1c level range 7.0 -8.0.

With yoga basti DM program for 8 days, fasting sugar 140 -200 and post meal 190-350 mg/dl which meant only some control seen in sugar level. Then, we started Kalbasti up karma along with Shirodhara and padabhyanga.

Insulin dose of many patients was reduced as they had hypoglycemia. We started Nisha amalko yoga for the patient and saw the change in glucose level. Ayurvedic medications, some insulin, the sugar exam showed the fasting level is ranging from 100-120 mg/dl and post-meal 160-180 mg/dl, and HbA1c range 6.0 – 7.2. They only took Ayurvedic medicines for maintenance of sugar level and stopped all their allopathic medications and insulin.

Parijatak Ayurveda- the Ayurvedic Diabetes Clinic in India

Diabetes can be managed with Ayurvedic remedies. Diabetes management is only possible with lifestyle management, diet management, stress management and Panchakarma Therapies. Trust Parijatak Ayurveda, one of the best diabetes clinics in India. You get the opinion of some of the best Ayurvedic doctor for diabetes India over here. Needless to say, Parijatak shows a ray of hope for the diabetics by its natural medicine diabetes. Herbs for diabetes cure are best-made use for the patients.

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