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Clinic consultation is the most traditional form of doctor consultation that has been into practice since years. Patients from around the world used to prefer this only means of consultation. However, now the trend has changed over a period of time and traditional forms of consultation has switched over to online consultation. Despite of all the latest trends and technologies, clinic consultation still takes it prominence in the healthcare sector. This gives a better insight into various health concerns.

We at Parijatak Ayurveda also abide by the traditional norms and the ancient science of healing to help you stay healthy and fit.

100+ certified Ayurvedic doctors
1+ Lakh patients consulted
10+ Years of Experience

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What We Offer

In the course of our clinic consultation, we offer medical consultation to patients fighting their own battle of health disorders with 100% Ayurvedic solutions.

In-Depth Consultation and Assessment
Supportive Diet & Nutrition Planner
Expert Counseling for Complete Wellness
Thoughtful Combination of Ayurvedic Medicines & Therapies

Doctor with Parijatak

Parijatak is a home to vast talents in healthcare profession. We have an Expert Ayurvedic Consultant who deals with all major health concerns with a commitment to guide you to complete wellness. Then there are assistant Ayurvedic doctors who are indulged in the holistic science of healing and help the patients with the most thoughtful treatment plan.
  • Deeply Rooted with the Holistic Science of Healing
  • Expert Consultation and Counseling
  • Millions of Patients Consulted, Examined, and Treated
  • Legacy of Treating Majorly All Health Disorders
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FAQs On Video Consultion

If you have any doubts or questions in your mind concerning our clinic consultation, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to all your doubts and queries.

We have two branches in Nagpur; one is situated in Shankar Nagar and the other one at Kotwal Nagar.

You can directly contact our numbers and book an appointment for the clinic branch you aspire to visit.

Yes, you certainly can opt to discuss your case with a female Ayurvedic doctor in our clinic.

, certainly there is a consultation charge that varies whether you want to see our Ayurvedic Expert or the assistant Ayurvedic doctors with Parijatak.