Classification of Chikitsa

Aim of chikitsa is to treat the disease or eradicate the disease from body as well as prevent the body
from disease manifestation.

Types of chikitsa-
Ekavidha chikitsa-

The treatments are said to be only of one type based on two factors.
Nidana-causative factors
Pathya- related to diet and lifestyle modification

Nidana Parivarjana-

The factor which is responsible for formation of disease is called as nidana.The easy and best way of treatment is to keep away or avoid those causative factors which are responsible for disease formation.

Pathya sevana-

Pathya means that which is good and beneficial for the patha or strotas.The foods and habits which causes the disease formation is called as Apathyakar ahar-vihar.Diet and lifestyle medication plays an important role in disease formation.Hence only by the application of correct diet and excersice in daily life can correct your health issues.In shorts,Application of pathyakar-ahar and vihar is the best way of avoiding the diseases.

Even we can arrest the disease manifestation at initial stage or at early signs and symptoms phase,by fallowing Pathya.It helps in early recovery from disease.

Even in chronic stageif we fallows the proper instructuctions of diet and excersice,then disease will recover as early as possible.We can’t get good results without fallowing the pathya in chronic disorders. That means Pathya itself act as Chikitsa.


Dwi-vidha chikitsa-

Santarpana and Apatarpana chikitsa-
Santarpana or Brihana chikitsa-The treatment ,from which body tissue gets nourishment is called as Santarpana chikitsa.This treatment is advisiable in Durbala,karshya and thin patients.This treatment is also given in those who are suffering from diseases which are formed due to mal –nutrition.
Apatarpan Chikitsa or Langhana-means depleting treatment.It is given in he diseases with the origin of overnutrition or saturation.This is the best treatment for stoulya (obesity,over weight).This is also given in diseases like prameha,kushta,kotha,kandu,pandu ,amaja diseases etc.


Shodhana And Shamana Chikitsa-
Shodhana means cleansing treatment.The process by which we can expel the unwanted metabolic wastes and tissue toxins out of the body. Generally shodhana karma is advised in patients whith strong body and good bala or power.Shodhana treatment is also advisiable in Bahu dosha condition means excessive morbidity.


Shaman Chikitsa-It is palliative form of treatment.This should be given in those patients who are not fit to undergo shodhana chikitsa.It is given in those patients with less bala and mamsa.It is also given in heena or madhyama quantity of morbidity.


Swasthasya Urjaskara and Artasya Roganut Chikitsa-
Swasthasya urjaskara-the treatment which enhances or promotes the health .Healthy person who desire good health and long life ,this line of eatment is used.It also boost up the immunity power and prevent the person from diseases.

It is of 2 types.

a)Rasayana chikitsa-It includes anti ageing,immune-modulators,rejuvenators medicines.

b)Vajikara Chikitsa-It includes aphrodisiacs treatment.


Artasya Roganut-which helps in disease eradication.This meadication and treatment used to treat the disease and removes it from its root.
It is divided in to two criteria.

a)Roga prashamana-which is responsible for pacification of disease

b)Apunarbhava-which prevents the recurrence of disease.


Dravyabhuta And Adravyabhuta Chikitsa-

Dravyabhuta chikitsa-In this different different types of medicinal formulation are used for the treatment of disease.

Adravyabhuta chikitsa-In this type medicine is not used for the treatment.Different types of upaya is used for treatment.Like-

a.Bhaya Darshana-Causing fear in the mind of patient

b.Vismarana-making to forgot

c.Kshobhana-causing irritation

d.Harshana-causing joy




Trividha Chikitsa-

It includes Daiva-vyapashraya,Yukti-vyapashraya and Satvavajaya Chikitsa
Daiva-Vyapashraya-It is based on divine power and divin remedies.It includes mantra chikitsa,manidharan (wearing gems),mangalacharana,bali (animal sacrifices),homa-havana (fire sacrifices),prayaschita(confession),upavasa(fasting)etc


Yukti-Vyapashraya Chikitsa-Yukti means skill.In this type of treatment diet,lifestyle,medicines are skillfully planned and administered.After though examination of patient,vaidya will arranged all these things accordingly to prakruti of patient.


Satvavajaya –satva means mind and avajaya means to win.The treatment by which we can win your mind or control your mind.This treatment helps in the detachment of mind and senses from unwholesome subjects.This treatment gives best results in psychiatric disorders like stress,anxiety,phobia etc.


Another three types are-

Antah Parimarjana-Antah means inside ,parimarge means to remove or to clean.The dravya or treatment which removes the inner body toxins and cleanses or heal the body within is called as Anatah Parimarjana chikitsa.The medicines taken by mouth goes inside the body and break the pathogenesis od disease.


Bahir Parimarjana-Bahi means outside and parimarjana means to purify.It causes cleaning of body from outside.
Example-Abhyanga,swedana,dhara ,lepa etc includes in this treatment


Shastra pranidhana-Shatra means instruments,pranidhana means application.This includes all the surgical methods of intervention.


Aasuri,Maanushi And Daivi Chikitsa-

Aasuri Chikitsa-Asura means demon.Treatments done using instruments i.e. surgical procedures are considered as Aasuri chikitsa because it looks cruel to apply instruments.


Maanushi Chikitsa-Manusha means man.Treatments done using medicines like powder,decoction,infusion,tablets etc called Maanushi chikitsa

Daivi Chikitsa-Daiva means god or divine.Treatments done administering Rasayanas and Vajikarana are called Daivi chikitsa.


Bhouma,Audbhida And Jaangama Chikitsa-

Bhouma chikitsa-Bhouma means earth.The metals which is obtained from earth like gold,silver,salts etc are included in this criteria


Audbhida Chikitsa-Audbhida means to sprout.It includes herbs.

It is again divided in to 4 types.

Vanaspati-Plant not bearing flowers

Vaanaspatya-Plants bearing both flowers and fruits

Veerudha-Plants like creepers and climbers which climb and wind over the other plants

Aushadha-plants which die after yielding fruits.


Jangama Chikitsa-In this animal products are used as medicines.Example ghee,honey etc.


Apakarshana,Prakriti-vighatana and Nidana-tyaga-
Bahya Apakarshana-Foreign bodies like eyelashes,worms ect are removed or extracted with the help of surgical instruments.

Abhyantara Apakarshana-Morbid doshas inside body are removed out by Panchakarmas like vaman,virechana


Prakriti Vighatana –means to pacify.It is of 2 types.

Bahya Prakriti Vighatana-It includes external measures like Abhyangam,Swedan

Abhyantara Prakriti Vighatana-It includes deepan,pachana chikitsa

Nidaan tyaga-The factors which are responsible for formation of disease,avoid this factors.

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