Classification of chikitsa-1

“Kit rogapanayane”,kit+kit+san+a=chikitsa
The word kit means to remove or to eradicates.It means eradication of disease or removal of disease from body or destroy the disease and pathogenesis of disease is called as “Chikitsa”.

“चिकित्सा रुक् प्रतिक्रिया //” (अमरकोश )

Ruk means pain,treating or eradicating pain or disease is called as chikitsa.

“चिकित्सा रोग निदान प्रतीकारे //” (वैद्य शब्द सिंधू )

The word Nidaan means causative factors.Avoiding the causative factors of disease is called as chikitsa.

या क्रिया व्याधी हारीने सा चिकित्सा निगध्यते // (भा .प्र )
Any activity or approach which alleviates or destroys a disease is called as chikitsa.

Synonyms of chikitsa –

1.Bheshaja/Karana-that which defeat the fear of disease

2.Aushadha-that which helps in treatment of disease

3.Bhaishajya-which helps in destroying the disease

4.Agada-that by the use of which the disease does not exist

5.Jaayu-that by the use of which you can win the disease

6.Chikitsa-which helps in the treatment of disease

7.vyadhihara-which destroys or alleviates the disease pathology

8.Pathya-which is beneficial for patha or strotas

9.saadhana-the tool,by which can achieve the good health

10.Praasyaschitta-that which destroys sins or diseases caused due to sins

11.Prashamana-That which pacifies the diseases

12.Prakrutisthapana-Which maintain the equilibrium of tridosha

13.Hita-which is beneficial for body,mind and health

14.Kriya-activities or measures leading to destruction of diseases

15.Upaya-methods of destroying disease or disease process

16.karma/chesta/Pravrutti-Activities done to destroy a disease process

17.Pratikarma-Antagonistic to disease or disease process

18.Upakarma-Methods and sub-methods of dealing disease

19.Bhishagjita-Four limbs of treatment i.e Physician,patient,medicine and care takers are called Chikitsa chatushpada or bhisagjita.

20.Upachaar-Handling the patient according to their mindset

21.Nigraha-which controls all the diseases

22.vaidya karma/Bhishak karma-Duty of physician is called chikitsa

23.Ullaghanam-That which provide the freedom from diseases



या क्रिया व्याधी हारीने सा चिकित्सा निगध्यते //
दोष धातू मलानाम् वा साम्यकृत सा इव रोगाहृत //(भा .प्र )

Chikitsa means,the action which is responsible for destruction of disease and which maintaine the equilibrium state of physical dosha (vata,pitta,kapha),mental dosha (rajas and tamas),sapta dhatu (rasa,rakta,mamsa,meda,asthi,majja and shukra) and trimala (mala,mutra,sweda) in body .

याभिः क्रीयाभीही जायन्ते शरीरे धात्वाः समाः सा चिकित्सा विकारानाम कर्म तद भिषजां मतांम् // च सू १६ /३४

The action by which dosha,dhatus and malas of body revert back to normal stage by losing their morbidity is called as chikitsa.\

चातुर्नाम भिषक आदिनाम शस्तानाम धातू वैकृते प्रवृत्तिः धातू साम्यार्थम चिकित्सा इति अभिधीयते // च सू ९/५

The four chatushpaad of chikitsaa,which is requires for the establishment of dhatu saamya.

Uttam Chikitsa-

या ही उदिर्नाम शाम्यति न अन्यं व्याधिं करोति च
सा क्रिया ना तू या व्याधिं हरती अन्यत उदीरयेत // सू चि ३५ /२३

The best treatment is that which pacifies the disease,for which it is administrated,but it does not produce any another disease.

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