करत्र्जी स्तम्भनी तिक्ता तुवरा कटुपाकिनी Ι

विर्योष्णा वामिपित्तार्श:कृमिकुष्ठप्रमेहजीतl l भा.प्र

Botanical Name : Holopteleaintegrifolia Planch

·         Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom –Plantae

o   Order –Rosales

o   Family     –ulmaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak- Bhedaniyavarga, Lekhaniyavarga
  • Sushruta-StesmaSamsamanaVarga
  • Bhavprakash-GuducyadiVarga
  • Raja Nighantu-Prabadradi varga

§  Other Names :

English name – Indian Elm, entire-leaved elm tree, jungle cork tree, south Indian elm tree
Hindi name- Chilbil
Kannada name- Neelavahi
Malayalam name- Aaval
Marathi name- Bavali
Tamil name- Aapa, Ayilpattai
Telugu name- Nemalinarachettu
Urdu name- Dharanji

Sanskrit Name-



  • General Information :

Bark- smooth and grey coloured, Leaf- alternate, elliptic or ovate, 8 to 13 cm long , 3 to 6 cm wide, glabrous, entire margin, acute apex, base is rounded or  cordate, 5 to7 pairs of nerves are seen, Flower – seen in compound in diameter.

  • Types Of Plant’s
    • Cirabilva, Type of (karanja)
  • Properties (Gunadharma)
    • Rasa-Tikta , Kashaya
    • Vipak-Katu
    • Virya-Ushna
    • Guna-Laghu,Ruksha
  • Specific Parts


  • Doshaghnata

Kapha, Pittashamak.

  • Shloka’s

करत्र्जी स्तम्भनी तिक्ता तुवरा कटुपाकिनी Ι

विर्योष्णा वामिपित्तार्श:कृमिकुष्ठप्रमेहजीतl l भा.प्र

करंजो नक्तमालश्च पुतिकश्चीरबिल्वक: l

पुतीपर्णी वृद्धफलो रोचनश्च प्रकीर्यक :l l

करंज: कटूरुष्णश्च चक्षु ष्यो वातनाशन: l

तस्य स्नेहोsतिस्निग्धश्च वातघ्न: स्थिरदिप्तीद :l l रा नि

  • Benefits

Bark for Rheumatism:

Grind Chirabilva bark with water. Apply on the effected part of twice a day.

Krimi (Worm infestation)

Juice of putika (Holopteliaintegrifolia) taken with honey is very useful in Krimi (Worm infestation)

Cold infusion of Chirabilwa helps to improve the appetite and it also expels the intestinal worms.Dose-50-60ml

Decoction of Chilvabilva is given for blood purification purpose.Dose-30-40ml

The powder of Chirabilwa bark is sprinkled over fresh wounds.It controls the fresh bleeding and helps in quick healing.

Paste of Chirabilwa bark is applied externally over the affected area of scabies,wounds and other skin diseases.

Mucilage and juice obtained from boiled bark of chopachini is used externally applied over affected part in case of rheumatism and intestinal tumours.

Paste of stem bark of chirabilwa is applied externally to treat inflammation of lymph gland ,scabies and ring worm.

Paste of bark and leaves of Chilabilwa is applied externally to treat leucoderma.

leaves of chirabilwa is boiled in water and given for water bath in leprosy,inflammation,skin diseases

Leaves decoction of Chirabilwa is used to regulate fat metabolism,ring worm infestation,eczema and cutaneous diseases..

Paste of stem bark of Chirabilwa is applied externally on forehead of aptient suffering from common fever.

Bark of Chirabilwa is boiled with cocunut water  and mixed with garlic is applied externally to treat eczema.

To treat Herpes simplex,paste of Chirabilwa bark is applied over the affected part until it disappears.

Bark of Chirabilwa is cut in to coin shape.this coin tied on left arm below the shoulder for the treatment of Malaria.

External application of leaf bud with lemon juice over the affected area of scalp is adviciable in hair losswhich is caused by infection.

Internal use of bark paste with lemon juice is advisiable in weakness.

Arsas (Piles)             

Kalka (Paste) of Citraka (Plumagozeylanica), Putika (Holopteliaintegrifolia), sunthi (Zingiber officinalis) mixed with alkali of Putika is very much useful  inarsas (Piles)

Bark decoction of Chirabilva is used to treat Diabetes.Dose-50-60ml

  • Formulation (Kalp)
  • Name Indications

ChirabilvadiKasaya     Bhagandara, Gudakila

GandharvahastadiKasaya    Vibandha, Vataroga

Piyush valli rasa-Digestive and liver disoders

Indukantha Kashayam   fever,abdominal bloating,abdominal distension

Gorochanadi Gulika   Pnemonia,bronchitis,throat disoders

Rasnadi churna    Headache

  • Dosage
    • Choorna – 40 to 80 gm.
  • Chemical Composition.

Stem bark of the plant contains triterpinoidal fatty acid esters, Holoptelin A and B, B- sitosterol, friedelin and epi- friedelinol. The leaves contain Hexacosanol and B- amyrin. The seeds contain yellow colored oil in it.

  • Research Corner

In an ethnopharmacological screening, plants used in Nepalese traditional medicine were evaluated for antiviral activity. Methanolic and aqueous extracts of Holopteliaintegrifolia was assayed in two in vitro viral systems , influenza virus and Herpes simplex virus. Holopteliaintegrifolia exhibited considerable antiviral activity against Herpes simplex.



 Side Effects-

No such side effects is observed in case of chirabilwa





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