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Cervical Spondylitis Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda

5 Problems Everyone Has With Cervical Spondylitis Treatment 

Cervical Spondylitis Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda is a disorder in which the discs & vertebrae in the neck degenerate and so has a pulling pressure on the spinal cord in the neck.

What are the Causes?

With aging, the bone of the spine overgrows and narrows the spinal canal in the neck. As a result, the spinal cord or the spinal nerve roots are compressed causing dysfunction.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Cervical degeneration, which is commonly seen after thirty years of age
  • Shooting pain and weakness
  • Leg movements may become jerky or spastic in advanced stages
  • Paraesthesia

In acute herniated cervical disc problem there will be pain and restricted movements and pain get aggravated on movement.

What is the Ayurvedic Treatment principle?

  • The initial phase of treatment: Joints are the seat of kapha. It is a vata kapha problem. The treatment management differs in acute cervical prolapse (avarana) and in degeneration (dhatu ksaya).
  • Treatment in acute phase: The acute herniated cervical disc should be visualized as kaphavruta vata, asayapakarsya gati and chronic degeneration should be visualized as dhatuksaya. Hence, the treatment is done accordingly.

What are the Recommended Medicines for Spondylitis?

These are the recommended medicines for spondylitis:

  • Rasnasapthakam kasayam
  • Astavargam
  • Rasna pancakam
  • Rasna suntiyadi
  • Maharasnadi
  • Asvagandha curnam
  • Bala curnam
  • Kapikaccu curnam
  • Aba guggulu
  • Rasnaguggulu
  • Avagaguggulu
  • Yogarajaguggulu

Taila snehapanam: The oil massage for spondylitis include the following:

  • Karpasastyadi tailam
  • Prasasranyadi tailam
  • Dhanvantaram
  • Lepam (kapha/ vatahara/ usna)
  • Kottancuckkadi churnam : This is a herbal powder. Apply the warm paste of kottancuckkadi curnam or Rasnadi curnam or Nagaradi curnam or Kolakulatthadi curnam with tamarind juice and little vinegar in cervical region. Apply it twice daily. Keep it until it gets dry and wipe it off with warm water.
  • Valuka sveda : Valuka means sand in this particular procedure, and is taken in a cloth and made into the bolus (Pinda) and Swedana is done with this bolus by heating it with Hot Kanji (According to Bhaishajya Ratnavalikara).
  • Rukshasvedam (dry fomentation) – This application with dry husk or kulattham (economical) is applied for 20 minutes or until sweat appears.
  • Oil should not be applied for first few days.

Once the acute phase is over, Samana snehapanam is followed.

Samana snehapanam : It is the important treatment in Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy. Snehapan is the way of internal operation for balancing doshas. It contains the mixture of fixed proportions of:

  • Gandha tailam
  • Dhanvantaram
  • Ksirabala
  • Bala tailam
  • Guggulutiktakam
  • Varanadi ghrtam

Fasting is usually advice before the Samyakasnigdha lakshana in Snehapanam, so the adequate energy needed by the body is taken is taken from the Sneha and converted into energy.

  • Asavas / aristas that are used:
  • Asvagandharistam
  • Balaristam
  • Devadaru aristam
  • Varanadi aristam
  • Guggulu tiktaka aristam
  • Tailam that can be applied:
  • Kottancukkadi tailam
  • Prasaranyadi tailam
  • Karpasastyadi tailam
  • Dhanvantara tailam
  • Masa tailam
  • Sahacaradi tailam
  • Prabanjana tailam (all usna virya) are used externally.

    • Ksirabala tailam- rasnadi curnam
  • Siro virecana gana oil can also be used in kapha related conditions. In Bramhana phase kshirabala is applied.
  • Based on sutram urdhva jathru vikaresu nisl “guggulutiktakam or varanadi ghrtam can be given 5 to 10 ml slightly melted in half glass of milk at bedtime.
  • To strengthen the nerve roots Asvagandaristam or Balaristam 25 ml can be given twice a day after food.

Parijatak Ayurveda and Spondylitis Treatment

Parijatak Ayurveda has evolved as one of the preeminent centers of back pain and neck pain treatment. One needs to talk to the experts here for taking the herbal and natural therapies. Under the supervision of Ayurveda experts, the therapies are performed with complete dedication. Many people have availed the treatment and appreciated the same. Before your neck pain worsens, seek Ayurvedic remedies for curing it. Don’t ignore the pain as it may get severe without proper treatment.

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