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Parijatak is a reputed Ayurvedic Clinic in Nagpur with a legacy of providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for all ailments and health disorders. Instilled by natural therapies and remedies, squeezed by affordable health treatment packages, and empowered by our team of skilled Ayurvedic specialists and therapists, we deliver a commitment of effective and successful cure for the complete list of health disorders

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fight for corona -blog

Ayurvedic Ways to Fight Corona Virus

Coronavirus outbreak has brought the whole world to a halt. This is the first time in human history that a ...
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Manage Paralysis with Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis

Paralysis is the complete or partial loss of function of a muscle or group of muscles. It can cause a ...
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Understanding the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Understanding the Outbreak of Coronavirus The world is experiencing a medical threat off late due to a deadly virus Novel ...
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What Is Corona Virus? How to diagnosed Symptoms?

Throughout human history, there have been numerous instances of one or more virulent infections that have plagued the world. From ...
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Renal Disease Treatment

Top 5 Herbs Useful In Renal Disease Treatment

Renal disease is related to the kidney. The malfunctioning of kidneys is categorized as renal disease. The role of kidneys ...
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Best Treatment for Liver Disease

Take the Ayurvedic Route for Best Treatment for Liver Disease

When it comes to liver disorders and diseases the best way to go is the Ayurvedic route. You go to ...
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Best ayurvedic treatment for disbetes

Get the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes in Nagpur

Studies conducted from the year 2015 it is estimated that 1.6 million people die due to diabetes. At the same ...
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paralysis treatment in ayurveda

Get Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis with Parijatak

Paralysis is the total or partial loss of function in one muscle or a group of muscles. Paralysis causes loss ...
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Ayurvedic Treatment Gynecology

Learn How Ayurveda proves to be the Best Gynecology Treatment

It is time to take care of gynecological problems with the holistic system of Ayurveda and the best gynecologist in ...
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back pain treatment

You Should Try These Hacks to Avoid Back Pain

Many a time we caught our self slouching, that is because our spine has a natural curve which we usually ...
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Pradhamana Nasya

In this type of Nasya karma, dry powders (rather than oils) are blown into the nose with the help of ...
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Nadi Sveda

Nadi Sveda

Nadi sveda is a unique form of svedana procedure, where perspiration is induced by passing steam over the body parts ...
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Procedure of holding oil or decoctions in the buccal cavity for certain period is known as gandusha. If plain or ...
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The procedure of dropping the medicated oil into the ears is known as karnapurana. This is also a part of ...
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Procedure of holding oil or decoctions in the buccal cavity following by gargling for a certain period is known as ...
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