Bhaishajya Kalpana

The word Bhaishajya means medicine and Kalpana means formulation.The branch of Ayurveda in which method of medicinal preparation is described in details .

Defination of Bheshaja-Bhaishajya-
The dravya which helps the Bhishaka (doctor) in treatment is called as Bhaishajya.Bheshaja- which helps the person to be fit.
The substance used by Bhishaka(doctor) as a means of treating the patient..

Defination of Aushadha-
Aushadha means the substance which maintain the good health of person.Or a substance which helps to relieve
Aushadha and Bheshaja are synonymes.

Other Synonymes-

Chikitsta-Tool for treatment
Vyadhihara that which helps to relieve disease
Pathya-which is good for Patha-means gastro-intestinal tract.
Sadhana-means tool to treat disease
Prayashchitta-Reconciliation against disease
Prashamana-which maintain the prakupit dosha in equilibrium state or that which palliates dosha imbalance in disease
Prakruti sthapana-that which restores health
Hita-that which is best for health and patient

Defination Of kalpana-
Planned grouping,formulation and processing of herbs,in oder to preapare medicine is called as kalpana.

Defination of Samskara-
“Sanskaro hi gunantaradhan’’
The process by which we can increase the qualities of dravya.Or to bring transformation of quality in a substance.

Any samskara on dravya can be achieved by-

Jala sannikarsha-processing with water
Agni sannikarsha-process with fire like heating ,boiling,cooking
Desha-storing in proper place,so it can helps in maintainance of herbs
Kaala-storing for particular time
Vaasana-add some flavours in dravyas like hinga
Bhavana-grinding with liquids
Kaalaprakarsha-changes over a period of time.
e.g-grains after 1 year,ghee after 1 year

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