Balaguloochyadi coconut oil (Sahasrayogam)

Balaguloochyadi coconut oil (Sahasrayogam)


  • sida rhombifolia (Bala)
  • Tinospora cordifolia (Guloochi)
  • Cedrus deodara (Davadaru)
  • Santalum album (Chandana)
  • Pinus longifolia (Sarala)
  • Hyoscyamus niger (Kunturushka)
  • Valerianawallichi(Thakara)
  • Withaniasom nifera(Aswagandha), etc.

Indication :

  • Prescribed in complaints of burning sensation all over body rheumatic complaints due to vitiated blood etc. Prepared for those who prefer coconut oil to gingelly oil.


  • For application on head before bath.



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