Back Pain

PathyakarAhar-Vihar (Do’s)

  • Godhuma(Wheat)
  • Raktashali (Red variety of rice)
  • Vatarka(brinjal)
  • Rasona(garlic)
  • Sigru(Drumstick)
  • Gogrita (cow’s ghee)
  • Patola(snake guard)
  • Mudga
  • Madhurand  amalrasatmakaahar
  • Oiling of Back portion
  • Hot fomentation
  • Daily exersice and yoga


Apathyakarahar-vihar (Don’ts)

  • Avoid bitter and astringent food
  • Avoid pungent food
  • Do not drink cold water and cold beverages.
  • Avoid packed food and preservative food items
  • Avoid over exertion
  • Avoid travelling and over standing


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