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Ayurvedic Treatment of Non-Bleeding Piles (Suska Arsas)

Parijatak offers the Best Non-Bleeding Piles Treatment Ayurveda India

Ayurvedic Treatment of Non-Bleeding Piles (Suska Arsas), Non-bleeding piles are painful inflammation outside the anus characterized by pain and itching around the anal area. The possible causes are straining during the bowel movement, chronic constipation, obesity, pregnancy, aging, hereditary factors, prolonged fasting, and low fiber diet. These causes aggravation of doshas in the anal region leading to dryness, tingling sensation, stiffness, and discomfort in the anal region.

Discover How Ayurveda Defines the Treatment of Non-Bleeding Piles

Ayurveda defines non-bleeding piles as Shushka Arsas where in ‘Shushka’ means ‘Arid’ and ‘Arsas’ means ‘Enemy’. This science of healing has given the named enemy to the medical condition of piles and the term arid is used to symbolize the characteristic dryness noticed in this type of piles. With a clear definition to describe the condition, Ayurveda certainly has the best remedy for hemorrhoids that takes a natural course and diminishes the need for surgery. This line of treatment includes both therapies and medicines.

The therapies considered the best cure for hemorrhoids especially for non-bleeding piles is:

  • Usna: This is a hot therapy used to increase pitta and agni while reducing vata and kapha doshas.
  • Srotosodhanam: The therapy used herbal formulations and therapies to cleanse and remove the accumulated toxins form the channels that circulate blood and oxygen within the body.
  • Vatanulomanam: This therapy allows movement of vata that further works as the best medicine for piles.

The ayurvedic medicines for piles include:

  • Kankayan Vati is a fruitful remedy for non-bleeding piles with an optimal mixture of various herbs.
  • Dantyarishtam: This works to reduce swelling in the anal region.
  • Abhayarishta is a mild laxative used to reduce inflammation and prevent recurrence of piles. Kasayam is an herbal formulation that includes Gandarvahastadi kasayam, Ciravilvadi kasayam, and Dusparsakadi kasayam.
  • Churnam is the formulation prepared using various herbs like Vaisvanara churnam, Trvrt churnam, Triphala curnam, and Yogaraja churna.
  • Saddaranam, Idivalldi capsule, and Bhallataka vati are the most recommended tablets.
  • Lehyam is recommended in forms of Hrdya virecanam, Dantiharitaki lehyam, and Dasamula haritaki lehyam.
  • Ghrtm in the form of sukumara ghrtam, palandava ghrtam, carngeriyadi ghrtam, varandi ghrtam, and guggulutikta ghrtam is recommended with milk before sleeping.
  • Drinking lukewarm water also known as Nirgundi patra kasayam in Ayurveda is most beneficial for releasing pain during the bowel movement.

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