Paralysis Treatment

Ayurvedic Healing Treatment for Paralysis

Paralysis is a medical condition where we find the body getting disabled at any side. The body is seen stopping to react to specific situations, which is basically due to the non-function of the nerves to carry out any activity. This is often called as a severe condition for which Parijatak Ayurveda, the Healing Clinic, Nagpur, offers a wide range of solutions to cure this ailment called paralysis.

This is a place that pacifies the Vata Doshas within the patient’s body with the best ayurvedic treatment for paralysis. Nerves carry out the conduction even when our brain is seen sending out the message to them. Hence when you see the core elements getting hampered, it has to be dealt with the utmost care and Ayurveda is competent enough to handle this with great care. Let’s dig in deep to get the crux of paralysis treatment in Ayurveda in the following paragraphs:

Types & Causes of Paralysis

There are several types of Paralysis, which are enlisted as under:

  • Hemiplegia- This has Muscle weakness found over one side of your body, which could come with the damage to the opposite side of your brain.
  • Paraplegia – Paralysis found at the lower half of the body which is found over the lower limbs.
  • Quadriplegia – It is a kind of paralysis where we see both the arms and the legs turning paralyzed.

Now, talking about the causes of Paralysis, it can result due to the damage of the nervous system or the brain. A majority of paralysis is caused due to stroke, while it can also be caused due to spinal injuries, broken neck or trauma. The other causes of paralysis include the following:

The Neurological Disorders like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Neuropathy, Bell’s palsy (facial nerve inflammation)

  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis

Also, the exposure to certain toxins like botulism and toxins in shellfish can also lead to paralysis. Examples of such toxins include botulism.

Paralysis Treatment in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, we call paralysis as Pakshavadha or Pakshaghata, which showcases an ailment that is caused owing to the imbalance found in Vata in association to Kapha and Pitta. The Vata can be called as one of the three Doshas, and it has the sole responsibility to kick off the voluntary movements found in the body that remain coordinated. Once you find any damage in the Vata Dosha, we tend to find paralysis in people. Thus if you find the following symptoms in your body then you can be sure about the same:

  • No sense of feel or touch
  • Vision impairment
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Body imbalance

If you find any of these symptoms, the next step you need to do is to rely on the best ayurvedic treatment for paralysis. Let’s discuss some line of treatment for this ailment as under.

Line of Action

The approach for Paralysis Ayurvedic is to create a perfect balance in the three elements like Vata, Pitta and Kapha along with correcting the Agni, which often deals with the digestive system along with the cellular metabolism (known as Dhatwagni), and adding strength to Ojus. Virechana is often counted as a vital element when it comes to treating Pakshagatha.

Some of the treatment modalities at Parijatak for Paralysis healing can include Panchakarma, the internal medications, external therapies, Advice of food and lifestyle changes and physical Activities to name a few, which are designed as per the conditions of the patient. This, however, means that it would differ from one person to the other. The treatment goes as under:

  • Panchakarma – Virechana, Nasya and Basti
  • Externally – Abhyanga, Udwarthana, Shiro Dhara / Shiro Basti, Kashaya Seka, PPS, Sarvanga Dhara, SSPS, Chandana Avagha,
  • Intern Medication – Deepana and Carminative
  • Measures to create a good balance among the pitta and stabilize Kapha
  • Activities can include specific Asanas, meditation, Pranayamas, Physiotherapy, Aqua yoga.
  • Food – Increasing the water intake particularly the foods and warm water that expedite digestion.
  • Consume ginger tea as it is good for digestion
  • Consuming wholesome meals on a regular basis in a conducible non-disturbing atmosphere
  • Making certain lifestyle changes, which remain specific to the constitution of people, nature of work and geographical conditions.

If you are looking for an effective paralysis treatment in Ayurveda, why not drop at Parijatak Ayurveda, we have the best and holistic solutions towards this ailment and others.

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