Understanding Bone Health through Ayurveda

Consult the Experts the Parijatak for Effective Ayurvedic Bone Treatment India There are so many bones in a human body and each one is so important to facilitate the regular bodily movements in life that you sometimes don’t even realize how much your bone health matters for our efficient survival.
It has been a common thing for everybody to ensure that the bone health of children is taken care of as it is the age when bones formulate and shape themselves to form the outer structure of the individual. However, it is also very important to ensure that the health of the bones inside the body is maintained during the adulthood. Especially in this era, where junk food and long office hours without any physical exercise have become the lifestyle of people. So to ensure that you are safe from any bone-related ailments and problems, the books of Ayurveda suggest some of the natural remedies and Ayurvedic herbs for bones, that you can incorporate in your routine. Bone Health: Ayurvedic Perspective In Ayurveda, ashti implies bones and ashti dhatu provides the structure to the body. To understand it clearly, the books of Ayurveda explain that bones are actually made of the solid structures that are organized inside the body in form of a matrix, which looks like X. The lines that form the matrix are solid in nature and are formed of earth and the air fills up the space between those lines in order to allow free movement in the body. Now in order to maintain the ashti dhatu, the bones should consume earth and air in proper amount while maintaining a balance through some lifestyle changes and consumption of proper diet on regular basis. Ashti Dhatu and Diet
  • When vata dosha enters the ashti dhatu, it calls for a requirement to increase the consumption of foods that are rich in earth elements. These include meats, bones, grains, nuts and root vegetables.
  • When kalpa dosha enters the ashti dhatu, then it calls for the decrease in the consumption of earthy elements and increases the quality of air elements in the diet. The foods recommended in this case are leafy vegetables and most of the fruits.
  • When pitta enters the ashti dhatu, it becomes important to decrease the level of fire elements from the diet. The diet should be really cooling and should not include any cooking oil or hot spices. Whole milk, beans, wheat and many other similar grains are recommended in such cases. However, bean consumption is only advisable if you can digest them and it does not cause constipation in your stomach.
Ashti Dhatu and Physical Exercise Ashti dhatu or low bone density causes a risk of bone fractures thus it is important that you stay very careful while performing yoga or any other form of physical exercise. When you start feeling the weakness building in due to the bone problems, you should try out some light exercises so that your body gets used to the physical movement. Walking is probably one activity that is most effective and not too hard, to begin with. If you are suffering from weak and painful bones then consult the experts at Parijatak who provide potent Ayurvedic medicine for bone density and various therapies for increasing bone health.

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    The nutrient is essentially a building block of bone, and it helps maintain bone strength throughout your lifetime.
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