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Acid reflux is just another name for heartburn or acid indigestion that occurs when the undigested acidic content from the stomach travels back up into the oesophagus. Here are some of the important acidity causes or reasons for heartburns:

  • When a person eats large and heavy meals or is having a tendency of eating quite often heavy stuff at regular intervals in a day then chances of acid reflux might grow higher. Some people are in habit of lying down right after taking heavy lunches and dinner; they also quite often suffer from GERD or Acid reflux.
  • In obese people, we have normally observed that the occurrence of GERD is quite common.
  • After heavy meals, some people tend to lie down on the back or more often bend over at the waist which can lead to problems like above (Acid reflux)
  • It has been seen that people who love to eat and snack around bedtime or at the time of sleeping hours in a night are more suspected to ailments of this sort.
  • It has been keenly seen that people who are in habit of taking spicy and fatty food and food which contains tomato and citrus are more prone to Acid reflux conditions. Eatables like Mint, Chocolate, Garlic and Onions also contain chemicals which leads to Gastrointestinal problems.
  • Intake of certain beverages like carbonated drinks like Pepsi, Coco-Cola , Limca etc, Coffee or Tea can result in gastrointestinal tract problems.
  • Consumption of medicines like certain muscle relaxants, blood pressure medications and ibuprofen can result in GIT disorders of this sort.
  • Smoking as we all know is very injurious to health and excessive consumption of cigarettes can lead to discomforts like Acid reflux.

The condition like Acid reflux can be very uncomfortable and can cause a lot of pain and unease. Acidity symptoms can really disturb a person’s routine life. The top acid reflux symptoms include:

  • The pain of heartburn-A burning sensation and feeling of unease that may arise from your stomach to your chest(The abdomen) or can even cause burn feeling into your throat.
  • Condition like Regurgitation-An acid which tastes bitter and is soar backs up into the throat or mouth of a person leading to discomfort.
  • Bloating-A person feels tight abdomen and becomes restless and causes swelling and increase in diameter of the abdominal region.
  • Condition like Burping– It is also called Belching, Ructus, or Eructation.
  • In this situation, the digestive tract (oesophagus and stomach) releases gas, which is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen through the mouth. It usually produces sound and consist of odour also. It is called audible burping and is considered impolite informal functions and parties.
  • Condition like nausea and Hiccups-Hiccups involves sudden and involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. Normal causes of Hiccups are Fear, hysteria, Neck having tumor, Myocardial infarct and laryngitis to name a few.
  • Loss of weight for known reasons-The loss in weight can be from any sort of known chronic disorders.
  • Condition like dry throat, Wheezing, hoarseness or a chronic sore throat and Dysphasia– In dysphasia, the oesophagus gets narrowed and creates a sensation of food being stuck into the throat.

Check out if you are experiencing any such symptoms and the underlying causes and if required consult a doctor or get connected to Parijatak for Best Acidity Cure Center in Nagpur.

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