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Joint pain has become a common health issue among people all over the globe. Earlier it was found affecting individuals belonging to the older age group. However, in today’s times, knee problems do not come as a product of aging bones. Instead, it can also result from knee injuries, or even the busy lifestyle that we follow, which allows us to squeeze just a little time for our exercise and hardly much emphasis on nutrition and Ayurveda Joint Pain Treatment. Aging, stress, lack of nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle may aggravate a minor knee joint pain. Whatever the cause be, knee pain definitely hampers day-to-day activities badly and must be subjected to proper treatment before it is too late.

knee-care_blogThe nature of the pain depends on the underlying cause. Patients may report a dull pain in and around the knees or sharp pains in either of the knees. Sometimes this pain can really immobilize you if not taken care of.

Parijatak, one of the renowned hospitals for knee pain treatment in Nagpur, offers its Ayurvedic therapy to the patients having knee joint pain and Ayurvedic treatment for knee gap. Parijatak is a healthcare center that emphasizes Ayurveda to treat orthopedic problems and has just the right Ayurveda joint pain treatment to relieve patients of chronic knee pain and recommends natural remedies for arthritis.

Knee Pain Treatment in Ayurveda

For years, Ayurveda practitioners have closely studied the many kinds of knee pains. It was found that joint problems are chiefly of two broad kinds.

  • If you have a growing pain in your knee with no preceding injury to attribute to, then it can be the outcome of low bone density. That happens when your bones and your joints are poorly nourished. The mild pain and discomfort can lead to difficulty in movements and later permanent immobility. Should you avoid seeking care?
  • The second identified a cause of knee pain is toxic overload. It adds to the weight of the bone and causes stiffening of joints when too many toxins are accumulated in the joints. Inflammation can result in pain later.

Knee Pain Treatment Center India

The Ayurvedic doctors at Parijatak conducted extensive research before they formulated an ayurvedic oil for knee pain. This simple Ayurvedic knee pain treatment in Nagpur has done wonders for many seeking knee pain treatment in Ayurveda. The experts use lukewarm coconut oil to massage the affected knees. This stimulates the blood circulation in the joints and provides relief from pain. They especially recommend chingati satva & Parijatak leave juice for knee joint pain.  Milk and turmeric is another potent Ayurvedic potion that works spot-on for knee pains. Home remedies for arthritis and knee pain may include dalchini and sonth. If followed religiously, the Ayurvedic treatment given at Parijatak can do miracles for curing knee pain.


Joint pains affect people all over the globe. Knee problems considered as normal after a certain age. While that is common knowledge, what is not is that knee problems are not always a product of aging bones. Instead, it can result from knee injuries, besides arthritis. The nature of the pain depends on the underlying cause.

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Understanding Knee Pains through Ayurveda

We suffer from pain in our everyday life. It may body pain, leg pain, knee pain or back pain. Body pain, leg pain is commonly due to viral fever or over exertion.

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How to perform the joint examination?  Basics principles of Joint Examination are mentioned

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JOINT EXAMINATION By your Parijatak clinic?
Understanding SANDHIVATA Ayurvedic Treatment


The number of patients came to clinic with complaints of joints pain .some have knee pain, some have wrist pain. There are two types of arthritis

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Janu Basti Therapy

Like in other hot oil therapy of Ayurvedic tradition Janu Basti is also provided to the patient only by administering medicated oil rich with herbal extracts and so it should not be considered as something that can be practiced just in your convenience at home only by knowing the procedure involved to retain the oil on the surface of the knee in touching the skin.

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Janu Basti Therapy
Achilles Tendon Pain Treatment in Nagpur


Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to the heel bone.

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