Ayurveda for The Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme

Promote Survival with Glioblastoma Ayurvedic Treatment India at Parijatak Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.

Ayurveda for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme is a common type of cancer affecting the brain and the central nervous system. The cancerous cells directly affect the glial cells, particularly astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, of the human brain that supports the functioning of the neurons responsible for providing nutrition and protecting the body structure. Gradually, when the tumor grows it directly impairs the functioning of the nervous system and starts invading all the connected structures of the brain.

No doubt, supportive and successful measures have been taken into consideration to treat the brain condition through surgery and allopathic medicines

Ayurveda places its essence in the treatment with the use of herbs with powerful anti-cancer effects.

  • Vitamin C Rich Food: All foods rich in vitamin C act as an antioxidant agent that helps protect the inflammatory damage to the brain cells and DNA. It also supports and strengthens the functioning of the immune system that works to fight the causes of cancer and service as a catalyst to create immunity against cancer.
  • Mistletoe or Viscum Album is an excellent stimulating agent for the immune system with a proven record of improving the life quality of cancer patients. The herb also acts as a therapeutic agent that fights against a wide spectrum of cancers due to its wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant characteristics.
  • Ashwagandha: This popular herb helps relieve fatigue, stress, and anxiety while inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. It also helps to reduce the negative impact of chemotherapy on the kidneys and liver.
  • Turmeric: This is a home cooking spice that has various benefits and helps cure a wide variety of health concerns. The herb has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to control cancer-causing components. If the cancer is already present within the body, the herb acts miraculously to protect the progression.
  • Frankincense or Boswellia Serrata: This is another excellent anti-inflammatory herb with proven records for treating deadly cancer. The active ingredients of the herb work to inhibit the formation of the cancer cells and protect the brain and nervous system from all sort of abnormal genetic activity.

In addition to these herbs, Panchakarma is the most effective Ayurvedic therapy for treating glioblastoma. This therapy is a detoxification process that works to cleanse the cellular environment of the human body to remove all the toxins and restore the functional balance of the cellular composition.

All these medicines and therapies coupled with various other Ayurvedic treatment measures successfully used at Parijatak, the best Glioblastoma Treatment Nagpur

All the plans and initiatives taken for curing the cancer patients are customized depending on the cancer type and the response of a specified customer to the course of treatment. In an individualized manner, serving as the best brain treatment center in India, the team here works to provide optimal benefit to every patient knocking at the door.


  1. FATMA zohra DOUDOU

    MY MOTHER WAS DIAGNOSTED with glioblastoma 4 grade i need in urgently your products i live in Algeria i can receive them in france please contact me she is 83 years

    1. Dr Nitesh Khonde

      we can send medicine –
      send details address
      with complete symptomes even

  2. Jeney john

    My father is suffering from glioblastoma cerebri.i need your product

    1. Dr Nitesh Khonde

      Hello, Jeney Jhon we are happy to help you please share your address details or contact info. We connect with you as soon as possible. Thank you

  3. Teresa holmes

    good evening my brother has glioblastoma multiforme and at stage 4 can you send the imformation about your product thankyou

    1. Dr Nitesh Khonde

      Hi, Teresa Holmes share your contact details and address so we will get in touch with you with full info. Thank you

  4. Mohinuddeen

    Hi Dr Nitesh Khonde,

    My Dad has glioblastoma multiforme and at stage 4 and 6 months back surgery happened and followed by radio therapy but still doctors are telling us the tumor is still growing .

    My dad left hand is not working properly and he is not able to hold anything.

    can you please help me to contact and medicine

    Thanks in advance

    1. Nitesh Khonde

      yes it has treatments
      plese send me all details on 9607957777 on whats up and call on same

  5. Susantini

    My dad has GBM stage 4 ..he had surgery on 29/3/2018 ,followed by radiation and temo..that didn’t work again reoccurence is there ..he tried avastin ..again it is growing larger day by day…is there any possibility of slowing down its growth?

    1. Dr Nitesh Khonde

      Hello, Susantini Thank for your interest please provide us with your contact details, So our counsellors will connect with you and share all further details.

  6. sreeharsha

    My dad has GBM stage 4 ..he had surgery on 27/01/2017 left side of the brain ,followed by radiation and chemotherapy..again reoccurence in right side of the brain January 2019, Again we given radiation and now under going the chemotherapy. now he not able see short distance like food etc.,
    is there any possibility of slowing down its growth?

    1. Dr Nitesh Khonde

      Hello, Sreeharsha please provide us with your contact details, so we connect with you soon and help you with your queries. Thank you

  7. Amit

    Hi Dr. Khonde,

    My cousinis diagnosed with GBM stage 4 and doctors said it is inoperable.Do we have any medicines that can cure GBM.

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