Men's health in ayurveda

Ayurveda and Men’s Health

Talking about Men’s Health in Ayurveda

We all know, and even we don’t, we must know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, one may not find time from a busy schedule for regular exercise or eating less junk food. Sinful eating and no physical exercise are ways how we tend to release our stress. Does it really help? We can’t afford to be passive about health. Let us take a proactive step on men’s health.

Ayurveda and Men’s Health

How can Ayurveda help men in staying fit? Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional medicine from India and based on five elements that combine to form 3 vital energies, or ‘doshas’, that control our thoughts, behaviors and the function of our bodies. Any disruption in the balance of our innate dosha causes disease. Ayurvedic assessment of the primary dosha of a patient and their degree of balance, can restore back the patient’s mind, body and soul in harmony. Ayurveda preaches self-care recommendations, herbal therapies, yoga and nutritional suggestions.

Know the Problems with Men’s Health

‘Dosha’ imbalance in men causes problems in three main areas: prostate problems, sexual impairment and cardiovascular disorders.

Prostate Problems

One of the major problems in men that grows with aging is the prostate problem. Enlargement of prostate with age leads to different kinds of urinary problems. Prostatitis, or the inflammation of the prostate results in pain during urination and ejaculation. Another big concern about health is prostate cancer, which is also characterized by enlarged prostate, bleeding in the urine or semen.

According to Ayurveda, prostate and urinary tract problems can be treated with barley soup, cumin, coriander, asparagus, sweet juicy fruits, pomegranate, coconut water in the diet. One must avoid lifting heavy weights, over-exercising, excessive physical labor, sexual intercourse, especially after a big meal. These are the basics of taking care of your health. Talking to experts can help in curing greater concerns.

Sexual Impairment

Men usually complain of three kinds of sexual dysfunction, viz., decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and inability to ejaculate. All these are related to decreased testosterone levels, but stress, depression or other medical problems also play important roles for that. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes related to insufficient blood supply but more often it is secondary to stress, depression or medication side effects. Difficulty ejaculating is sometimes related to medication side effects, but more often to stress, anxiety and depression. Ideally, developing male, testosterone peaks during early adulthood. Aging tends to reduce the hormone level in the body. Men can experience a range of symptoms and medical conditions when testosterone levels decrease. These include di sex drive, fatigue, low lean muscle mass, depression, obesity, erectile dysfunction.

According to Ayurveda, sexual disorders are curable. Ayurvedic Vajikarana therapy, or the aphrodisiac therapy is a sort of treatment containing several aphrodisiac recipes

and regimen which aim to work upon the sexual disorders and male sterility. Certain panchakarma therapies, especially Vasti are vital in the treatment of impotency. Goksura Sveta Musali, Krishna Musali, Salmali and Ashwagandha are some of the herbs that make effective formulations for men.

Cardiovascular Disorders

Another health problem with men is the increased risk for cardiovascular disease. One cause can be the absence of the protective effect of estrogen, which increases HDL or the good cholesterol. Cholesterol regulates fat metabolism, and detoxifies the blood and fat tissues, stimulates bile secretion and clears bad cholesterol from the body. Low HDL causes increased lipid levels, impaired metabolism of fats and various other physiological abnormalities that are all risk factors for heart disease.

Ayurveda says cardiovascular disorders can be mitigated to a large extentby a Kapha-pacifying diet, improved metabolism, reduced stress and increased exercise. Herbs like Arjuna, Pushkarmoola, Nagabala, Shunthi, Pippali, Yashtimadhu, Haritaki, turmeric etc. are excellent cardio-protective agents. They have such vasodilating potential and anti-inflammatory characteristics which improve the heart health. Choosing a healthy diet, that is low in fat, cholesterol, and salt, adds to the benefit you would receive from the Ayurvedic therapies. You can see improved health conditions by increasing the number of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fibers in your diet.  

Take Medical Help

Men usually ignore their unusual symptoms and avoid visiting doctors unless they get a push. Avoiding medical advice will simply delay the treatment. Instead, of avoiding, schedule an appointment so that you can discuss your problems. You may take your time to make up your mind for initiating the treatment but, at least find out what the problem is. At Parijatak Ayurveda, you can rely on the doctors who give you the best advice only after discussing your health and family history. This is one of the renowned healthcare centres that practices natural therapies to keep you healthy. It is important for everyone be responsible for his or her health. One must maintain good physical wellness and long-term health. Men’s health is not no more no less than any other member of their family.

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