आवर्तनी कषाया च शीतलाह्यतिसारहा।

त्रिदोषोदर शूलघ्नी कृमिजाल विनाशिनी॥ (नि.आ)

Botanical Name : Helicteris isora. Linn.


Classification :

According To Modern

Kingdom         : Plantae

Subkingdom  : Tracheobionta

 Division          : Magnoliophyta

Class               : Magnoliopsida/Dicotyledons

Subclass         : Rosidae/Polypetalae

Order              : Malvales

Family             : Sterculiaceae

Subfamily       : Helicteroideae

Genus             : Helicteres

Species            : Isora

According To Ayurveda

  • Charak

Not mentioned in Varga

  • Sushruta

Not mentioned in Gana

  • Pr.Ni

Not Mentioned


  • Other Names Of Avartani


Hindi name              –    Marod phali
English name           –  Indian screw tree
Tamil name              – Valipiri
Telugu name           –   Nunidala Guba tasa, Guvardara
Gujarati name        –   Maradasing
Urdu name             –    Murmuriya
Malayalam name   –   Isvaramuri, idampiri
Bangali name          –  Antmora
Kannada name       –    Peda muri, Edampiri

Madhya pradesh    –  Anthi

Payyannur                 -Kayyula

Oriya                             -Murmuriya

Marathi                   –     Marodphali

Persia                       – Kisht-ba-kisht,pechak

Tehran                       -Barhman-i-pich,Pachman-i-puh

Sanskrit Names-Avartani,Avarta phala,Avartaki ,Murva ,

  • General Information

Habit- A shrub or small tree. Young shoots are having stellate hairs, Leaf- simple, 7 to 12 cm long, 5 to 10 cm wide, oblong, obovate or roundish, closely dotted with stellate hairs, crenate margin. Small petiole up to 1 cm long. Flowers- seen in axillary clusters of 2 to 6 flowers, 2 to 4 cm long distinctly bilabiate, orangish red in  colour. Fruit- follicle, beaked, 5 to 6 cm long, linear , twisted into the form of a screw, seeds are numerous, angular and wrinkled.

  • Types Of Plant’s

Sub-deciduous shrub


  • Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Kasaya



Guna- kasaya


  • Specific Parts

Stembark, Root juice, Fruit, Seed


  • Doshaghnata
  1. Kapha, Kaphahara




  • Shloka’s

आवर्तनी कषाया च शीतलाह्यतिसारहा।

त्रिदोषोदर शूलघ्नी कृमिजाल विनाशिनी॥ (नि.आ)


आवर्तनी लघु:शीत कषाया त्वतिसारनुत ।

बलासपित्तशुलास्त्रकृमिरोगविनाशिनी ।। प्री. नि

आवर्तकी कषायातीस्तम्भनि तिक्तशीतला ।

रक्तपित्तातिसारघ्नी कृमिकुष्ठविनाशिनी ।

नेत्ररोगे प्रेमेहे च तत्पुष्पम  तू प्रयुज्यते ।। प्र.नि.


  • Benefits

Ear drop :

Crush the pods of (Helicteris isora)Avartani . heat it in castor oil strain. Use it as ear drops.

Diarrhea :

Make a decoction with bark and pods of (Helicteris isora)avartani . drink 5 ml of it once a day.

Asthma, cough :

Drink 3 ml bark decoction of (Helicteris isora)avartani twice a day.

Skin diseases :

Crush leaves of (Helicteris isora)avartani to make a paste. Apply it on  infected skin.

Abdominal Diseases :

Prepare seed decoction of (Helicteris isora)avartani . have 4 or 5 ml of it once a day.

Cuts and Wounds-

Roots of Avartani are chewed in a dose of 5gms per day for 3 days.

Dysentry and Stomach ache-

The fruit powder of Avartaki should be given in adose of 5 gms BD for 3 days in the treatment of stomachache and dysentry.

Or seed powder of Avartaki (5gm) boiled in 1 cup of water.This water should e taken two times a day.


Advised to take fresh avartaki fruit in he treatment of Diabetes.Or

fresh Root juice of avartaki is advisiable in the treatment of Avartani.

To treat Gastro-intestinal problems,5gm of Avartaki fruit powder should be taken with water for 3 days


External application of root paste or bark paste of avartaki is advisiable in scabies.

To treat skin infection leaf paste is externally applied three times a day


Fresh leaf paste applied on affected area.Fruit paste mixed with mustard oil and turmeric is used for massaging in new born baby to cure profound weakness.

  • Formulation

Name                          Indications

Atasyadi lepa   –                       Vranasotha

Atasi Upanaha  –                       Sotha

Punarnavasava –                       Sotha, Udararoga

  • Dosage

Quatha- 40 to 80 ml.

Phala choorna – 1 to 4 gm.

  • Chemical Composition.

Diosgenin, Cucurbitacin B, isocucubitacin B, Isorin etc

  • Home Remedies

Atisara (Diarrhoea)

Decoction prepared from dried fruit of Avartani (Helictresisora) is very useful in all kinds of Atisara (Diarrhoea) .

Prameha (Diabeties insipidus)

Root bark decoction of Avartani (Helictres isora) is beneficial in Prameha (Diabetes insipidus).



  • Research Corner

The hot water extract of Helictres isora fruits was prepared and screened for its in vitro antioxidant activity using. I-diphenyl, 2- picryl hydrazyl assay, ss-carotenelinoleate model and microsomal lipid peroxidation. The antidiabetic activity was studied using the in vitro glucose uptake in the isolated rat-hemi-diaphragam mode. Hot water extract of fruit of Helictres isora exhibited sigbetic activity.


Side Effects-

Root and stem bark of avartaki are anti-galactagogue ,means which suppresses lactation.Therefore it is not used during lactation period.

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