Ashokarishtam (Bhaishajya ratnavali)

Ashokarishtam (Bhaishajya ratnavali)


  • Saraca asoca (Ashoka)-4.8kg
  • Water-49.152liters bolied and reduced to 12.288liters
  • Guda-Jaggery-9.6kg

Prakshepa Dravya-

  • Woodfordia fructicosa(Dhataki)-768gm
  • Cyperus rotundus (Mustha)-48gm
  • Zinziber officinalis(shunthi)-48gm
  • Nigella sativa(Ajaji)-48gm
  • Berberis aristata (Daruharidra)-48gm
  • Nymphaea stellate (Ulpala)-48gm
  • Emblica officinalis (Amalaki)-48gm
  • Terminalia bellerica (Vibheetaka)-48gm
  • Mangifera indica (Amrasthi) -48gm
  • Terminalia chebula(Haritaki)-48gm
  • Cuminum cyminum(Jeeraka)-48gm
  • Adhatoda vasica(Vasa)-48gm
  • Santalum album(Chandana)-48gm

The kashaya is prepared by adding water and coarse powder of Ashoka bharad.Strained this kashaya.Add guda and honey in it .Mix well.Filtered it then add prakesha dravya in the form of fine powder.At the end ,add dhataki pushpa.This is kept in air tight container for 30 days for fermentation.After fermentation filter it and use it.

Ref. Text book

Bhaishajyaratnavali, Adhyayam 66


  • Recommended in Uterine bledding, abdominal pain, irregular prolonged cycle,painful menstrual periods,
  • It is also used to treat fevers, piles, indigestion, lack of appetite, diabeties, inflammation, worm complaints etc.


  • 25 to 30 ml. 3-4 times daily or as per physician’s advice.

Side Effects-

It is avoided during pregnancy .It should be taken in low dose during lactation period under doctor’s supervision.

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