ApathyakarAhar –vihar For Kasa

ApathyakarAhar –vihar For Kasa (Donts)

  • Avoid vishamasanai.e irregular type of meals
  • Avoid excessive indulgence in sex
  • Avoid vegadharan-Suppression of natural urges
  • Avoid Atichinta(worry)
  • Avoid loud speaking
  • Avoid  guru, snigda,
  • Abhishyandiahara like sea foods , Curd lemon, spinach, some fatty fish, bananas,grapes, pomegranates, berries, custard apple, ice creams, etc… aggravateska-pha Vyayama or ayasa

i.e.,walking for longer distance and strenuous exercise should be avoided

  • Avoid Amla, Lavana, UshanaAhara:
  • These ushnaveeryapradhanadravyas causes the liquification of grathitakapha in pra-navahasrotas leading to the prakopa of kapha. This leads to kasa, a mechanism for airway clearance.

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