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Aparajitha Dhooma choornam is an Ayurvedic disinfect which helps to sterilize surrounding areas from various viruses Parijatak Ayurveda developed its, help to fight against Coronavirus. Nowadays, in this period of Covid-19, it is in high demand as it is a time-tested Ayurvedic powder, which is result-oriented in preventing the Coronavirus from spreading through the air. It also helps to prevent the spread of infectious fever and disinfects air which can cause respiratory problems in human beings.

Aparajitha Dhooma choornam is mainly made collaboratively with various ayurvedic herbs such as Mayurasikah, Vacha, Ralah, Nimba, Twak, Arka Guggullu, Useera, Sallaki Karpoora. These Ayurvedic herbs are beneficial to fight against microbial contamination and also reduces fungal growth.

Recently, Aparajita Dhooma choornam is also recommended by Ayurvedic health ministry, which is in charge of health care of the migrant workers in India. The department has tried this fumigation powder for sanitizing the camps. And it resulted out to be very active in fighting the Coronavirus. 

The using of choornam in the many isolation wards and quarantine centres (Corona crises). There is a need to do a regular disinfection exercise in the containment zones which help to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Thus, this Ayurvedic fumigation practised with the help of Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam.

This choornam is useful during the time of dengue and communicable diseases after floods. It also has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, microbial inhibition and antiviral properties.

Aparajitha  Choornam

Ingredients :

  • Mayurasikah (Aactiniopetris Dichotoma),
  • Vacha (Acorus Calamus),
  • Ralah (Shorea Robusta),
  • Nimba Twak (Azadirachtaindica),
  • Arka (Calotropis Gigantea),
  • Guggullu (Commiphora Mukul),
  • Useera (Vetiveria Zizaniodes),
  • Sallaki Karpoora (Cinnamomum Camphora), (Boswe Llia Serrata)
  • Indication :
  • It is used for fumigation.

Benefits of Aparajita Dhooma choornam to fight against Infections:

Works as Disinfecting fumigant:

It works as an antimicrobial disinfectant to sterilize contaminated zones. It kills and eliminates all forms of microbial life. 

Works as Antifungal Agent:

The studies that Aparajita Dhooma choornam is very effective against microorganisms, especially bacteria and fungi. During the test of this powder against various viruses. There is a decrease of 95% & 96% in the bacterial and fungal count. And within the next three days, 99.62% of bacteria and 98.92 % of fungi were destroyed.

 Long-lasting disinfectant effect:

The effect of the Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam disinfectant effects lasted for 24 hours. The next 72 hours, the bacterial and fungal count was also low compared to the count before disinfestation.

Help to get results to fight COVID-19 :

Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam, which contains eight Ayurvedic herbs, can be used as a potent agent in the area neutralizing in this time of COVID.

Effectively helps to destroy gram-positive and gram-negative bacterias:

It helps to destroy gram-positive and gram-negative bacterias which are very hazardous to human health.

No side effects:

“The Choornam has no side effects, and it is an effective solution for disinfection at homes, schools, offices, hospitals, gyms, food godowns and a cattle sheds.

Safe and secured: 

Safe and secured effects after doing various tests on its working. 


Being called “Dhoomapanam” many generations have practised the way of disinfecting the surrounding area using the Ayurvedic herbs for centuries. In the famous “Ashtanga hrudhya” the ancient manuscripts of Ayurveda, it is featured as “Aparajitha Yogam”, and it is instrumental in preventing epidemics and in the process of Microbial Inhibition. Hence the Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam should be used to avoid Coronavirus spread.


  1. Pravin J P Arapurakal

    Where can i purchase Aparajidha Choornam?

  2. Dr Nitesh Khonde

    Hello Pravin J P Arapurakal
    Please contact or what on this number our team member help you out +91 96075 47777

  3. Dr Nitesh Khonde

    it has antimicrobial , anti fungal, antiviral properties when fumigation done of this choornam

  4. Jayashankar

    I am in chennai .. Aparajita Dhooma choornam no where it is available. Only Kerala it seems it is available. Will.they courier thr item?

  5. Dr Nitesh Khonde

    Hello Jayashankar , Hope there is all fine, please provide your number or contact/Whatsapps on this number our team member help you out +91 96075 47777.

  6. Ratan Rathi

    Want Dhoopam at Pune Maharashtra.

    1. Dr.Nitesh Khonde

      Sure sir, Please share your contact number so that the customer care executive person contacts you and take all the details.

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