Anupaan Kalpana

Ayurveda suggest the special way of intake the medicine along with suitable liquid. The madhyam through which we take the medicine is called as Anupaan.

Concept of Anupaan is not limited to medicines only but have been advised for food consumption also.

Aupaan used for foods-
Food prepared with barley and wheat-Cold water is advised
After consumption of curd,wine and honey-cold water is advised.
Food prepared with green grams,legumes,vegetables-hot water is advised
Fat rich foods like ghee,oil ,fat rich buttermilk-hot water is advised.

Anupaana based on Dosha-Imbalance-
Anupaana used for Vata Disoders-should have oily and hot properties
Anupaana used for Pitta Disoders-should have sweet and cold properties
Anupaan for Kaphadisoders-should have dry and hot properties.

Need of Anupaan for foods-
If we used specific anupaan with foods then it makes-
Easy breakdown of hard food particles in to small particles
Digestion become easy Assimilation of food become easy
Enhances the qualities of food

Food rapialy spread in to body due to use of proper anupaan
Side effects of food substances can be avoided by using for anupaan
Enhances the bio-availability of food nutrients in blood vessels and body tissues.

Anupaan according to body types-
For lean person,or person who desires to gain weight-Madya is advisiable
For obese person,or person who wants to lose the weight-Madhudodak (a teaspoon of honey with cup of water)is advisiable.

In emaciated and tired person-Mamsarasa(meat soup)is advisiable
To improve digestive power,and for digestion of meat-Madhyasava (wine)is advisiable In case of person emanciated with chronic dis-oders,person who speaks for long hours,person who walk for long distance,person with over exposure to sunlight,person with over exerted body ,person who perform over indulge sex,Aged person,childrens-Milk is best for them.

Need of Anupaan for Disease condtion

Anupaan act as a catalyzer means it increases the quality of medicines
Easy absorption of medicine from gut can be happened by anupaan
Proper Anupaan helps in treatment of disease
We can take medicine easily by the help of anupaan.
Strong pungent taste and odour of medicine can be redused by anupaan,hence medicine become easy to palliative.


Anupaan For Specific Herbs-
Garlic-processed with milk so that pungency can reduced.
Bhallataka-is Tikshna and ushna in nature hence it can use with milk
Triphala churna take with lukewarm water for good results
To boost up the immunity take the chavyanprash with helps to balance out the pitta increasing tendency and hot potency of chyavanprash

Specific Anupaana of Medicines-
Narayana Churna with Takra (buttermilk)-is given in Ascities
Narayana churna with badar kwath(jujube decoction)-Abdominal distension
Narayana churna with madya (wine)-bloating and vata diseases
Narayana churna with dahisar (watery portion of curd)-constipation
Narayana churna with Dadimba swaras(juice of pomegranate)-piles
Narayana churna with cocum juice-Anal itching
Narayana churna with warm water-Indigestion


Mahayograj Guggul-
For Vata diseases –it is used with Rasnadi kwath
For Pitta imbalance-kakolyadi decoction
In kapha imbalance-Aragwadhadi kwath
For diabetes-Daruharidra kwath
For Anemia-Cow urine
For obesity-Honey
For skin disease-Neem kwath
For Gout-Guduchikwath
For eye disease-Triphala kwath
For inflammation-pippali kashayam

Swarna Bhasma-
In burning sensation it is taken with bile of fish
For aphrodisiac-Bhringaraj Swaras
For immunity-Milk
For good complexion-Saffron
For memory improvement-Sweet flag

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