Anumana Pramana

अनुमानं तु खलु तर्कोयुक्त्यपेक्ष

Anumana pramana is depends upon argument accompanied by logical reasoning.It is also defined as knowledge obtained by the application of his intelligence or buddhi on Prateksha.

According to Charakacharya,Anumana is that which having its base on observation(Pratyaksha).It is obtained by three ways-

1.Inferring the effect from cause (future Knowledge)-
Like by seeing the seed we can get the knowledge about the tree
2.Inferring the cause from effect (Past knowledge)
Like by seeing the pregnancy one can have knowledge of intercourse
3.General inference(Present knowledge)-
By seeing the smoke we get the knowledge about the fire

Clinical Application-

Many things in the body can not be perceived by sensory organses ,it has to infer them. According to Charakacharya we can get the knowledge of fallowing things by Anuman Pramana-
Agni-by the power of digestion
Valam-by the capacity of exercise
Conduction of Senses-by capacity to perceive the respective objects
Rajoguna-by attachment to women
Moha-by lack of understanding
Anger-by revengeful disposition
Grief-By sorrowful disposition
Joy-by happiness
Pleasure-by satisfaction
Fear-by Apprehension
Courage-by strength of mind
Energy-by intiative in such actions as are normally difficult to perform.

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