Anorexia/Loss of Appetite And Ayurveda

Anorexia means loss of appetite.

Many people in the world are suffering from this problem.This is a symptom in many diseases.Due to this person has no desire e to eat some food even  he or she is hungry .

In this condition a person has no appetite for food due to indigestion or psychological causes. In some cases the patient gets a bad taste in the mouth .

Anorexia Nervosa is a  different condition from simple anorexia. Anorexia nervosa represents a physiological and psychological state, wherein the person knowingly starves oneself to maintain low body weight.

In Ayurveda, anorexia is known as aruchi, meaning ‘absence of taste.’ 


  • Age factor-old age
  • It occurs to the gastritis or infection of the digestive track ( H-pylori) disorders such as gastroenteritis & obstruction of the digestive tract.
  • Depression can cause lack of desire for food (commonly seen in ayurvedic community)
  • Drugs like anti TB drugs, anti Hypertensives certain cardiac drugs like digitalis, all of these can produce anorexia.
  • In Children – Worm infestation
  • In female – Pregnancy
  • alcoholism, tobacco and smoking.


  • Hepatitis or Jaundice


  • Examine the patient in clear sunlight to rule our jaundice and Anemia.
  • Don’s examined with a weak battery  torch light.  Many doctors do not change old batteries in time.
  • Rule out chest TB by taking chest X-ray . TC,DC, and Mantoux or Gold TB feron.

Ayurvedic View-

In Ayurveda it is called as Aruchi.According to Ayurveda, anorexia is caused by an aggravation of vata, pitta and kapha doshas, and psychological factors such as fear, anger and stress, leading to suppression of diagestive fire.Which causes the formation of ama (mucus). This ama blocks the gastrointestinal channels of the body and thus disturbs the sense of taste.

Treatment principle

  • Dipana-Pachana Chikitsa-Use of Tikta kashaya dravyas.
  • Jwaraghna chikitsa


Mrudu virechana by using cator oil 


  • Titkatam kasayam
  • Mahatiktakam kasayam – .
  • Guducyadi kasayam –


  • Pachaka vati
  • Shankha vati
  • Hinguvacadi gulika
  • Dhanvantara gulika


  • Draksharista
  • jirakaristam
  • abhayaristam


  • Water processed with ginger and coriander for drinking purpose
  • In dyspepsia of hepatic origin, tikta rasa pradhana treatment is the choice.

For Worm Infestation-

Krumikuthar Rasa


For modern  drugs causing indigestion :


  • Guducyadi kasayam–
  • Tiktakam kasayam –
  • Mahatiktakam kasayam–


  • Dusi visari agada tablet


  1. Rameez Raza

    Loss of craving (anorexia) usually goes with a scope of obsessive conditions. Particularly in the elderly, who make up an extensive piece of the inside medication patients, anorexia can happen even in numerous paltry sicknesses……..

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  2. Venkat Sai

    In daily lifestyle we never follow the daily diet plan . we need to eat a balanced variety of foods for preventing anorexia. I really appreciated your post for sharing valuable information about anorexia. Keep on posting.

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