Anjali Pramana In Ayurveda

Pramana shaareera’ is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with study of quantity and dimensions of body parts.
The word Pramaana means quantity,dimensions,measurement and Shaareera means study of body parts.

According to Ayurveda ,by 3 ways we can masures the body parts

1.Anjali Pramana-measurment of volume
2.Anguli pramana-measurment of length
3.sankhya shareera-numbers or counts


Anjali Pramana-

By this methods liquid componants or dhatus of body can be measured.The cavity which is formed by putting two hands together in such a way that we can hold the maximum quantity of dravya or liquid.
It is not standardized form of measurement as each individual’s Anjali will differ from other.Anjali is also termed as kudava or ardhasharava.
1 kudava=4 pala=192 grams approx.

Anjali pramana of some structures and tissues of body are as fallows

1. Udaka (water filled parts)-10 anjali
2. Ahar rasa (the juice which was formed after digestion of food)-9 anjali
3. Shonita (blood)-8 anjali
4. Pureesha(stool)-7 anjali
5. Shleshma (phlegm)-6 anjali
6. Pitta(bile)-5 anjali
7. Mutra(urine),Raja(artava,menstrual blood)-4 Anjali
8. Vasa (muscle fat)-3 anjali
9. Medas (fat),stanya (breast milk)-2 anjali
10. Majja (bone marrow)-1 anjali
11. Mastishka (brainmatrix)1/2 anjali
12. Shukra (semen)-1/2 anjali
13. Shleshma (lubricants)-1/2 anjalui
14. Ojas (essence f tisses)1/2 anjali

This is the quantity of dhatus in samyavastha.Kshaya or vridhhi of dhatu due to pathological conditions cause the changes in pramana.That means increase or decrese in dhatu pramana would suggest the disease pathology.

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