Panchabhautikatwa-Pruthvi and Agni

Lakshana Amlarasa –
Causes the watering of eyes
Tingling sensation of teeth
Leads to blicking of eyes
Cleanses the oral cavity

Guna –
Vipaka- Madhura
Veerya- Ushna
Vinshati Guna – Laghu, Snidha, Ushna, Sheeta to touch.

Amlarasa aggravates Pitta by it’s Ushna- Snigdhaguna . It also aggravates Kapha by it’s Snigdhaguna and Kledana action. It subpress the Vata by Ushna-Snigdha gunas.


अम्लो अग्नी दीप्तीकृत्सिंग्धो हृदयः पाचनरोचानः /उष्ण विर्यो हिम स्पर्शः प्रीनानः क्लेदानो लघुः //
करितो कफापितास्त्र मूढ वातानुलोमनः //उन्क्तिओन्स (अ.हृ.सू १०/१० )

Amala rasa is vatanulomak,it maintain the vata dosha in its own path.The main property of Amlarasa is to maintin Vatadosha in It is own path.

Rochana– Amla Rasa cleanses the oral cavity by its ‘Kshalana’ guna.It removes the coating present over the cavity.Hence we can feel the taste of food after taking amla rasa. The Agni Mahaboota scrapes the coating on the tongue which is termed a Kshalana.

Agnideepana– Amla rasa increases the digestive fire by its Ushna guna.Due to the Deepan of jatharagni,the food which we get can digest properly.In Pittaa-Kshaya condition it is advised to consume Amlarasa.

Bhruhana– Amla rasa helps in proper digestion of food .This fully digested ahar rasa supplied to the each and every part of body and by this body tissue get proper nourishment.Amlarasa is Pruthvi Mahaabhoota pradhan which also helps in Bruhana of body.


Urjaprada– Amlarasa helps in proper Digestion by its agnideepan guna.The ahar rasa formed after digestion goes to all body part through circulation which gives strength to the body. Proper Agni is the root of Ayu -Bala(urja)-Swasthya-Upachaya mentioned in Charaka Chikitsa
Manobodhana-Amla rasa is responsible for maintainance of vata dosha in prakrut state.Vitiation in vatadosha leads to distrubence in working of Mana or Mind and produces Manasvyadhi.Amla rasa controls the vata dosha by its vatnulomana action.

Bodhana– The meaning of this Bodha is to know, to understand, to perceive, to awaken, to come to One’s senses. So Amlarasa helps to keep Mana in its normal condition and perform its functions of perception etc. by controlling Vatadosha.
Hrudya-Amlarasa is ‘Hrudya’ .It provides nourishment to heart. – The normal functioning of Hrudaya is governed by Vata. Being Vatanulomaka it helps in proper functioning of heart.Due to its Agnideepana property , Aaharasa which is formed after digestion is excellent in quality.It is to be circulated by Hrudaya later on. So in Vatapradhana Hrudroga it is always
‘Manobhodhana’Indriya-drudhakaratwa- Perception of special senses ,is the work of sense organ Amlarasa maintains the strength of t Indriya by nourishing them . It controlls Vatadosha which is responsible for proper functioning of Indriya. It means to improve and maintain acuity of the sensory apparatus.

Balavardhana– For any movements in body whether it is physical or mental ,vata dosha is essential. Amlarasa maintains Vatadosha in its own pathway by the action of ‘Vatanulomana’. It also nourishes the body by keeping Agni in It is normal condition. So the body gets power to perform any movement which is ‘Bala’is provided by amla rasa.

Aasyasrava– Being Ushnaveerya it promotes various secretions in the body. It also pramots the salivation by secreating Bodhak kapha by its Kledana action.
. Snigdha and Ushna Guna of Amlarasa are important for proper digestion or Aaharaparinamana.

Bhukta Apakarshana-The word Apakarshana means to drag any subject away from one place to the next. Amlarasa keeps Samanavayu in normal condition which helps for Agnideepana . Samanavayu accepts food, digests it, does selective absorption and delivers it to further path.The Ushna singha guna of Amla rasa controls the samanvayu so that samanvayu perform their function properly.

Kledana – means moisture or wetness . Amlarasa creates moisture or wetness in the body by its guna

Jarana– The word Jarana means Digestion. The Ushna-Laghu guna and Agnideepana property Amlarasa helps for early digestion. So for better digestion of guru ahar ,amla rasa used as anupan.

Preenana– Due to Ushna-Snigdha-Laghu Guna and agnideepana property , proper digestion Aahar is occure.This prepared ahar rasa is of excellent quality is formed which nourishes the body. It is nothing but Preenana action
Atiyoga of Amla rasa-
Excess intake of amla rasa leads to thirst,vitiation of rakta,flabbiness of body,edema (kshopha),giddiness(bhram),Timir,itiching(kandu),anemia(pandu)visarpa(erysepalas),visphot and fever (jwar)

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