खबल्ली  ग्राहिणी तिक्ता पिच्छिलक्ष्यामयापहा ।

तुवराग्निकरी ह्रद्या पित्तश्लेष्मामनाशिनी ।|

Botnical Name : Cassytha filiformis.



Cuscuta reflexa.

  • Classification :
    • According To Modern,
      1. Kingdom – Plantae
      2. Order –  Solanales, Laurales
      3. Family   –  Lauraceae
      4. Class –  Magnoliopsida
      5. Division –  Magnoliophyta


  • According To Ayurveda,

Not explained in samhitas


  • Other Name Of Amarvel
    1. Family Name :
      • Convolvulaceae


  1. Marathi Name :
    • Nirmali
    • Aashbel


  1. Hindi :
    • Amarbel,
    • Akashbel
    • Kasoos
    • Akasbel,


  1. Sanskrut :
    • Amaravela,
    • Akashballi
    • Khavalli


  1. English Name :
    • Dodder,
    • Hellweed,
    • Devil’s Guts
    • Cuscuta or Hell Weed,
    • Beggar Weed,
    • Scald weed,
    • Dodder of thyme,
    • Lesser dodder,
    • Greater dodder.


  1. Urdu Name:
    • Aftimoon,
    • Kasoos
  2. And Other State
    • Manipuri  :   Uri sanamacha
    • Oriya          :   Kolanirmuli
    • Tamil :   Kodiyagundal



  • Telugu :   Sitamma pogunalu
  • Assamese :    Amarlati
  • Malayalam : Akasavalli ,Moodillathali,
  • Arabic Name : 
    • Kashooth,
    • Kushooth,
    • Kushootaa,
    • Afteemoon,
    • Aftaymoon
  • Bengali Name :
    • Swarna lata
    • Algusi,
    • Hadi-algusilata


  • FrenchName : 
    • Cuscute
  • Gujarati Name :
    • Akaswel,
  • Persian Name :
    • Tukhme Kasoos,
    • Zajmool
  • Punjabi Name :
    • Akasbel,
    • Aftimum,
    • Kasus,
    • Nilathari
    • Zarbut,






  • General Information :

Amarvel are  common name love-vine, is a species of obligate parasitic vine in the family Lauraceae. The Amarvel species has a pantropical distribution encompassing

the AmericasIndomalayaAustralasiaPolynesia and East Africa [2][3] In the Caribbean region, it is one of several plants known as “Love vine” because it has a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Amarvel is a twining vine with an orange to pale green stem. Leaves are reduced to scales about 1 mm long. Flowers are borne in spikes or sometimes solitary. There are six tepals, each 0.1-2.0 mm long. Fruit is a drupeabout 7 mm in diameter.


  • Types of Plant’s

There are Seven Type’s of Amarbel

1.      Herbaceous

2.      Parasitic

3.      Perennial

4.      Seed propagated

5.      Vegetatively propagated

6.      Vine / climber

7.      Woody

  • Properties (Gunadharma)

·         Rasa         –  Kashaya (astringent), Tikta (pungent),

·         Vipak      –  Katu,

·         Virya       –  Sheet (Cold potency),

·         Mu. Gun –  Pichhil (slimy nature)

  • Specific Parts-

§  Panchang,

  • Doshaghnata

§  Kaphapittashamak,

  • Sholka’s

खबल्ली  ग्राहिणी तिक्ता पिच्छिलक्ष्यामयापहा ।

तुवराग्निकरी ह्रद्या पित्तश्लेष्मामनाशिनी ।

  • Benefits

Itching :

paste of Amarvel applied on the itching parts

Stomach disease

         Application of paste of amarvel on stomach, helps in problems like belching,stomachache and stomach cramps.

 a paste of amarvel seeds with water effective in belching,stomachae


Decoction of amarvel seed help in cleaning of wound.


 Powder of amarvel 50gm, boil with 1 lit of water.This decoction is used for cleaning of hair which helps in reduction of hair fall.Grind green amarvel with water and wash head, it destroys head louses. Mix it with oil and rub on the head regularly, it make hair long.


  Juice of amavel  2tsf trice a day regular for 3 weeks is effective in syphillis


 amarvel juice with 1 tsf of sugar is apply on the affected eye twice a day.

Children diseases :

Tie piece of amarvel  on the throat, hand or hair to cure all the types of children diseases.

Bile enlargement :

one spoon juice of amarvel   eliminate constipation and all discorders of the liver. It is also useful to reduce bile enlargement and inflammation.

Liver Disoders-

Decoction of amarvel in a  dose of 3tsf ,thrice a day for 1 month is advisiable


take 1tsf of Amarvel juice .Add little sugar.Apply this on the affected eye twice a day


To treat gonorrhea juice of amarvel in a dose of 10ml thrice a day is advisiable.


 80 to 90 ml decoction of amarvel to woman four to three in a day abortion becomes.

Bllod Impurity-Grind dried amarvel.Boil 1/4tsf in one glass of water

Take 50gm of amarvel ,grind it coarsly.Boil this in 1 liter of water.Strain this solution.this solution is used for washing hair thrice a week in case of hair fall and in Baldness

To treat Alopecia Areata-

Paste of amarvel is prepared with water.This paste is exhernally applied over the affected area.Wash the affected area after 2-3 hours.


Take the 20gm of amarvel powder and boil in 50 ml of til tel on low flame.Apply this lukewarm oil on the scalp atleast 3 times a week.It gives strong hairs.


Take the 1/2tsf of marich powder in 10ml of amarvel decoction.

 wounds-Powder is prepared by taking equal quantity of amarvel churna and shunthi powder.add buttermilk in this micture.Apply this mixcture on the affected area

Decoction of Amarvel in a dose of 50ml is advisiable in spleenomegaly,constipation,liver problems and flatulence

Excessive abdominal gas-

Boil the plant and tie on abdominal region in case of excess abdominal gas

Paste of Amarvel is applied externally over the affected area.



  • Formulation –

§  Amarvel churna, Amarvel Swaras



§  Swaras – 10 to 20 ml

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