Allergic Rhinitis

Immune system releases histamine and chemical catalyst against allergens and protect the body against the allergic reaction.Weak immunity is responsible for allergy.

Allergens like dust ,pollen and other particles entres in to nasalcavity.It causes irritation and inflammation of inner lining of nose which leads to a disease called as Allergic rhinitis.


Signs and Symptoms:-
blocked nose
Running nose
Itching or irritating nose, eye, and throat
Continuous heavy sneezing
Congestion of nose
Tears in eyes

Causes of allergic rhinitis as per Ayurveda
Mandagni – low digestion strength
Kapha vruddhi kara ahar– like curd,rice ,guru ahar
Virrudhha vihar- external factors such as pollen, dust etc
Residing with pet animals
Exposure to humidity, dust, cold
Virudh aahara – wrong food combinations

Classification by Ayurveda:-
According to symptoms, it is classified in six types.
Sneezing – Vataja pratishaya
Nasal congestion – Vataja pratishaya
Breathlessness – shwasa kashta – kaphaja pratishaya
Nasal discharge – Nasa srava – Kaphaja and Vataja pratishaya
Headache -Shirogaurava – Vataja and kaphaja pratishaya
Itching in nasal & oral region – Nasa and Talu kandu – Kaphaja and Raktaja pratishaya

Ayurvedic concept of rhinitis:-
According to ayurveda Vata- Kaphaja pratishaya is same like allergic rhinitis.

Ama, Asatmya and virudh aahara is the cause behind this disease.

Due to viruddha ahara and vihar digestive power get impaired and Ama is formed. This ama affects Rasa and Rakta Dhatu leading to manifestation of Pratishyaya.

Ayurvedic treatment
Vamana Panchakarma treatment, followed by Virechana is very effective for allergic cough.
Nasya -with Anu taila or Shadbindu Taila
After the above Panchakarma treatments, Ayurvedic medicines are administered to improve respiratory immunity and strength of upper respiratory tract.


Useful Ayurvedic medicines-
Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras – 

Laxmivilas rasa

Kanchnar guggul

Triphala guggul

Tribhuvan kirti

Sitopaladi churna

Vyoshadi churna

Anand bhairav Rasa

Diet management:-
Intake of  Light food, lukewarm water, Kapha nashaka foods like little spicy food, saindhav salt, legumes, soups etc.
Avoid:- heavy food, fermented food, congestive food, too hot or too cold food, soar food, non vegetarian food, sweets, banana, curd, yogurt, ice creams, deserts, cakes, yellow grams, etc.
Avoid Alcohol and cold beverages.


Home remedies:
Turmaric powder with raw salt in take same proportion and boil with water
Kalimirch,lavang,haridra powder with honey twice a day
Take half cut lemon, spread a pinch of turmeric and salt on its inner surface, heat the lemon for one minute, and choose it.
Tulsi and ginger siddha tea.
Chew a piece of garlic and ginger.

Chew clove and black pepper through a day.
coriander and cumin boiled in water.
Lifestyle improvement:-
Always keep cloves and black peppers with you. Immediately keep two pieces of it in mouth when you feel of attack.
At the pre attack or attack rub Nilgiri oil , Mint oil, or pain balm on chest and get fomentation.
Keep watch on the elements that causes irritation for you and stay away from this.
Use mask while driving vehicle or going through public places.
Always take warm water bath.
Do not expose to hot sunrays.
Regularly take inhalation of steam.
Regularly go for morning walk in warm weather.
Do sufficient exercise.
Do not reside in dark or dump places. Get fresh air.
Do not get sleep at day time or immediate after dinner.
Take sufficient rest.

Yoga for rhinitis-
Ardha chandrasana
Salamba sarwangasana
Setu bandhasana


  1. Gaurang Dive

    Hi Parijatak.
    So glad to see your blog. Your blog on allergic rhinitis is just what I needed as I suffer from allergic rhinitis!
    I do most of the asanas that you have listed above for rhinitis.

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