10 Best Exercises

10 Best Exercises to Do at Your Job Desk

Working full time at a desk job means that you get a little exercise. At the same time, a hectic schedule may not allow you to exercise regularly because you will not be able to find time for it. The best thing to do is to exercise at your work desk itself. There are some simple but effective exercises for feet and legs, hands and arms and torso that you can do without leaving your work desk. 

Exercise 1: Hip flexibility

While sitting in your chair you should lift one foot a few inches above the floor. At the same time, you should keep your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Hold the position as long as you can and then put your foot slowly back on the floor. 

Exercise 2: Leg extensions

Extend one leg till it is level with your hip while sitting in your chair. Keep this posture till you are comfortable and if you feel discomfort put your leg down and repeat the exercise with the other leg. This will exercise all the muscles and joints in your legs and also your hips. 

Exercise 3: Football foot drill

When football players are practicing they tap their feet rapidly in place which simulates a run. You can do the same while sitting in your chair and this will exercise your whole leg and ankles especially. You should do the tapping for 30 seconds at one time and repeat after some minutes.

Exercise 4: Shoulder raises

This is an exercise for your shoulders in which you should lift one shoulder till it reaches your ear. Hold this posture for a few minutes and then do the same with the other shoulder. Do this exercise 4-5 times at one time and repeat as many times as you can throughout the day. 

Exercise 5: Wrist exercise

Keeping your palm upwards, stretch one of your arms in front of you, hold the fingers of this hand with the other hand and pull them down lightly to stretch your forearm. This is a good exercise for the arms. Repeat with the other arm and hold the posture till comfortable. Repeat this exercise for few times during the day.

Exercise 6: Hands exercise

Tense and relax the muscles in your hands for which you should make fists, spread and bend your fingers.

Exercise 7: Shadowbox

Stand up in your place and take some jabs in the air as if you were practicing boxing. This is a good exercise for the arms and shoulders.

Exercise 8: Abdominal stretch

Sit on the edge of the chair and stretch out your arms. Keep your back straight and contract your stomach muscles and repeat 4-5 times at one time.

Exercise 9: Neck rotations

Most people are familiar with this exercise and all you have to do is rotate your head first in clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions. You should rotate your head 4-5 times each time. This is a good exercise for your neck.

Exercise 10: Back twist

Sit in your chair with your spine straight and place your right arm behind your right hip, doing this twist your body to the right and hold. Repeat this with the left arm and left the side of your body. These simple exercises done at your work desk will ensure that you remain fit in spite of spending a large part of your day sitting at a desk.

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