10 Ayurvedic Foods to avoid Smoking

10 Ayurvedic Foods That Help While You Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard but Ayurveda has some amazing herbs and spices to boost your chances of success.

Almost all people who stop smoking face withdrawal symptoms and they need relief from them. There are nicotine-laced chewing gum, patches, etc. Readily available in the market, but they don’t holistically treat the problem. Instead, Ayurveda has the right remedy for not just withdrawal symptoms, but it also helps in the act of quitting smoking itself. According to Ayurveda the Vata and Pitta are highly affected when you quit smoking. This imbalance can be controlled by Ayurvedic foods. 

Let us look at 10 foods that help you when you are trying to quit smoking

  • Ajwain – Whenever you get the craving for tobacco, you should chew some Ajwain seeds. It will be difficult initially, but gradually it will help in overcoming the habit of smoking. Ajwain is found in most Indian homes as a spice and taking one teaspoon of this will reduce the craving for smoking and hence will reduce the craving for smoking.
  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is a great cleanser and removes the toxins accumulated in the body because of smoking. It also helps in relieving anxiety which is common when you are trying to quit smoking. Around 2 grams of the powder prepared from the roots is sufficient for the best results.
  • Cinnamon – This spice is also found in most Indian households and has a significant impact on the habit of smoking. It helps in getting rid of tobacco addiction by reducing the urge to smoking. All you have to do is keep a piece of cinnamon in the mouth and keep sucking it for a while. 
Herbal Tea
  • Herbal Tea – Herbal tea in the morning is a perfect Ayurvedic replacement for cigarette craving because this helps to soften the craving for tobacco. 
  • Triphala – Triphala can clear the toxic deposits in the body stored due to tobacco consumption, which reduces the urge for tobacco. You should take one tablespoon of Triphala every night when you are trying to quit smoking.
Basil leaves
  • Basil leaves – You should chew basil leaves to reduce the craving for tobacco and it also eliminates any harm that tobacco usage may have done to your body. Take 2-3 basil leaves and chew and eat them in the morning and evening.
  • Calamus – This is an herb which many people know if they are familiar with Ayurveda. You can take powder of the herb and intake it just like that. The other option is to mix the powder in ghee and then take it.
  • Ginseng – This is a wonderful remedy to help quit smoking as adding some amount of ginseng to your daily diet works wonders. This helps to inhibit the release of dopamine a neurotransmitter that delivers the feeling of pleasure and happiness while smoking. It helps in managing the mood swings while you are on your journey to living a cigarette-free life.
  • Lobelia – The herb delivers the same effect to the brain as nicotine and hence the replacement of cigarettes with Lobelia works wonders to satisfy the nicotine cravings most healthily.
  • Medicinal Smoking – Ayurveda also has in store its cigarettes composed of Ayurvedic ingredients like Tulsi, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Passionflower, Gangal, Mulethi, Guggulu, and Cloves. This Ayurvedic cigarette is a perfect cure for smokers who wish to quit smoking and get over their nicotine cravings easily.

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