Why Parijatak

Why Parijatak

In recent years, lifestyle has changed so much & has become fast paced than ever. To deal with the kind of lifestyle we have today, one needs rejuvenation at regular intervals. Today’s generation has slowly gained knowledge & has understood the importance & effectiveness of our oldest tradition of medicine, the Ayurveda. Thus people are shifting to Ayurveda & naturopathy for its effectiveness, potential to treat diseases as well as to avoid side effects of other streams of treatment.

In Parikataka, we follow authentic Ayurveda, and focus on patients’ condition, need & requirement. We do not believe in diluting core Ayurvedic principles for the sake of commercial interest.

We approach Ayurveda in a very serious manner and stand for classical practise of Ayurvedic principles. Everything from admission to discharge is under the control and supervision of our experienced staff.

We provide personal care and attention along with better services. A Physician will take care of all kinds of clinical or non- clinical activities during your stay and coordinate with other departments for the comfortable stay at our centre.


The ParijatakaAyurvedic Centre is located in the heart of the City in a calm & serene environment. The hospital & patients accommodation is spread in the Four Floors building.

The terrace of the Centre is divided into two parts, one especially dedicated to the Spiritual guidance by the expert & the other for Naturopathy Treatments.

On the Fourth Floor is General ward. A separate 3 bedded ward for women & 5 bedded ward for men. Each ward has attached toilet & washroom.

The Third floor has luxury accommodation with well furnished rooms & attached washroom. The rooms are well equipped with wardrobes & other facilities.

The Second floor has waiting room with comfortable chairs for patients. It also has two treatment room with especially designed Panchakama Table. A well maintained Pharmacy is also on the second floor & a well-equipped consulting room.

There is a well equipped kitchen on the third floor which will provide nutritious & balanced diet for each patient/client as advised by the dietician or nutritionist.



  • Proficiently qualified and experienced team of Ayurvedic Doctors including full-time resident Doctor.
  • Well experienced, qualified and competent masseurs / therapists’ team (separate for ladies and gents).
  • Facilities for Yoga and meditation under expert guidance
  • Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms (separate for men and women) with post treatment facilities.
  • Special, Spacious well-furnished luxury rooms
  • Separate General ward for men and women
  • Kitchen for advised diet
  • Pharmacy
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