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vicharana sneha

VICHARANA SNEHA – How to Complete Snehana Procedure – Purvakarma for Panchakarma

VICHARANA SNEHA The world vicharana is formed by the Sanskrit words, ‘Vi’ meaning unique methods and charana meaning regular practice. Thus the different special methods of administration of fat substances that require regular practice to achieve the snehana effect are known as vicharana sneha. Vicharana sneha is also meant in …
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Chakra Basti / Nabhi Basthi

Chakra Basti / Nabhi Basthi BLOGS by Dr Nitesh Khonde Chakra basti is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment that is beneficial if you have bowel syndrome, flatulence, poor appetite,constipation or abdominal pain, it can cure hiatus hernia , umbilical hernia even. the word Chakra basti originates from Sanskrit where Chakra means …
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10 Ayurvedic Foods to avoid Smoking

10 Ayurvedic Foods That Help While You Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard but Ayurveda has some amazing herbs and spices to boost your chances of success. Almost all people who stop smoking face withdrawal symptoms and they need relief from them. There are nicotine-laced chewing gum, patches, etc. Readily available in the market, but they don’t holistically treat …
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Wellness Retreat

All You Need To Know About Wellness

Health and wellness are the most common terms come together. It is often confused with health even though the two terms are not synonymous. Yet most of us want to be well and healthy. Wellness is a measure of a person’s mental and physical health and is commonly used by …
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Want to Know about the Ayurvedic Knee Pain Treatment?

Pain in the knee is a very common scenario in India that affects people of all ages particularly the older age people. This pain can be either due to a sudden injury or even due to underlying conditions that have been kept untreated by the proper exercise and yoga, like …
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Get a Basic Understanding of Back

Get a Basic Understanding of Back Pain

Parijatak offers the Most Effective Backache Treatment Nagpur Back pain might not be counted as one of the lethal diseases, but it is certainly one of the frequently found issues these days, …
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