Botanical Name :FicusLacor. Buch- Ham.


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Unisexuales

Family     – Moraceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak-     MutrasangrahaniyaVarga

Sushruta-   NyagrodhadiGana

Bhavprakash- VatadiVarga

Other Names :

Hindi name-Pakar, Pakadi
English name- Java fig
Gujarathi name- Pepari
Kannada name- Basarimara
Malayalam name- Chela
Marathi name- Basari
Tamil name- Jovvi
Telugu name- Juvvi

General Information :

Habit – A tree grows upto 30 ft. in height. Leaves- 7 to 15 cm long, broadly ovate, cordate, acuminate, entire, smooth, finely reticulately veined. 5 to 7 prominent nerves are seen. Petiole is 5 to 10 cm long. Flowers- Yellow with purple base, 5 to 7.5 cm in diameter and attractive. Fruits – Capsule, globose, 2.5 cm in diameter. Surrounded at the base by the persistent calyx. Seed is 1 cm long,  ovoid, channeled along the back.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- kasaya

Vipak- Katu

Virya- Sheeta

Guna-Guru, Ruksha


Specific Parts :



Doshaghnata :

Kapha – Pitta shamak





Shloka’s :

प्लक्ष: कषाय: शिशिरो व्रणयोनिगदापह:│

दाहपित्तकफास्त्रघनं शोथहा रक्त्तपित्तह्रत││

रक्त्तदोषहरो मुर्च्छाप्रलाभ्रमनाशनन:│

Benefits :

Being stambhana in niramaavastha of atisara, pravahika, n niramaraktapitta and being raktashodhana in raktadushti. Being stambhana, in rakta and shvetapradara and as yonivarti.Useful in prameha being mootrasangrahaneeya and being sheeta in daha.

Dosage :

Tvakquatha – 40 to 80 ml.

Research Corner :

A study was carried out to evaluate antiarthritic potential and phytochemical screening of various extracts of Ficuslacor aerial roots. The antiarthritic activity was evaluated by adjuvant-induced arthritis at the dose of 50 and 100 mg/kg. body weight and the standard drug used was indomethacin. The extracts administered in higher doses reduced the lesions to a greater extent showing a dose-dependent decrease in lesions comparable with standard drug indomethacin.

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