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Pimples are common in teenagers who are still undergoing the hormonal changes as they grow into young men and women. Pimples in Ayurveda called as Tarunya Pidika or Yuvan Pidika. Tarunya means young age and Pidika means skin eruption or pustules. In Samhita, it is also described as mukha dooshika means which damage the beauty of the face. Another is padmini kantaka – because of thorn-like nature of acne.

This problem is commonly seen at adolescent age due to the fluctuation of hormone levels. Other causes are stress, bad skin health, regular change of soaps, shampoos and other beauty products, improper digestion and secretion of toxins in the blood. Excess production of oil from sebaceous glands causes blockage of hair follicles which is also responsible for the growth of acne.

Common Causes of Acne

Acne are caused due to

– Excess intake of oily, spicy & junk food.

– Night awakening

– Overuse of beauty products.

– Excess intake of non-vegetarian food stuffs.

How is Acne Caused?


Due to above-mentioned reasons, Vata & Pitta doshas aggravated in the body. They lead to vitiation of Rakta (Blood) & mamsa dhatu (muscle tissues ), which causes irritation in the localized area like face, neck, chest and back and forms lesions called as Youvan pidika or acne.

Features of Acne

Pinkish or reddish small eruptions which are initially nonmatching, non-painful & non-burning in nature. If it was untreated then it was pus filled & painful & leads itching in particular area. If it was not treated properly then it forms the black spot on face.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Acne

  • Panchakarma therapy : Vaman and virechana is very effective for removal of toxins present in the blood.
  • Raktamokshan : Withdrawal of impure blood through leech is very effective in pimples.
  • Medicinal Formulation : Several Ayurvedic formulations are useful in healing acne.
    • Sukshma Triphala– This is responsible for proper digestion and immunity.
    • Arogya vardhini – It enhances the metabolic function of the liver, and balances pitta.
    • Mahamanjisthadi kashaya– This acts as a blood purifier.
    • Triphala guggul– It helps to dry up the sebum, and clears the channels and pores.
    • Chandanasava , Ushirasava– This acts as a thermoregulator and controls body heat.
  • External Application : A paste of himba patra, haridra, sariva, Raktachanda, manjistha and  Amalaki gives good results in acne.

Acne Cure at Parijatak

Ayurveda’s magic has always worked on acne and other skin problems. Homemade remedies have been used by us in our everyday life. Natural extracts of herbs and herbal ointments prepared by the skin specialists at Parijatak are very effective for curing any kind of skin problem. They are prepared following authentic Ayurvedic guidelines and methods. The skin care therapies given to the patients are very potent therapies for pimples. Make people envious of your facial glow. Believe the benefits of Ayurveda. Trust PArijatak Ayurveda and its skin care therapy. You will fall in love with your skin.

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