Pimples And Ayurveda

Pimples in Ayurveda called as Tarunya Pidika or Yuvan Pidika. Tarunya means young age & Pidika means  skin eruption or pustules. In Samhita, it is also described as mukha dooshika means which damage the beauty of the face. Another is padmini kantaka – because of thorn-like nature of acne.

This problem is commonly seen at adolescent age due to the fluctuation of hormone levels. Other causes are stress, bad skin health, regular change of soap, shampoo & other beauty product, improper digestion & toxins in the blood. Excess production of oil from sebaceous glands causes blockage of hair follicles which is also responsible for the growth of acne.

Common causes of Acne –

–  Excess intake of oily, spicy  & junk food.

–  Night awakening

–  Over use of beauty products.

–  Excess intake of nonveg.


Due to above-mentioned reasons, Vata & Pitta doshas aggravated in the body. They lead to vitiation of Rakta (Blood) & mamsa dhatu (muscle tissues ), Which causes irritation in the localized area like face, neck, chest & back & formation of lesions called as Youvan pidika or acne.


Pinkish or reddish small eruptions which are initially nonmatching, nonpainful & nonburning in nature. If it was untreated then it was pus filled & painful & leads itching in particular area. If it was not treated properly then it forms the black spot on face.



Vaman & virechana is very effective for removal of toxins present in the blood.

  • Raktamokshan-

Withdrawal of impure blood through leech is very effective in pimples.

Medicines like-

  • Sukshma Triphala-Responsible for proper digestion and immunity
    • Arogya vardhini – enhances metabolize of the liver, balances pitta.
    • Mahamanjisthadi kashaya– blood purifier.
    • Triphala guggul– dries up the sebum, clears the channels & pores.
    • Chandanasava , Ushirasava- Controls body heat.


External Application-

A paste of himba patra, haridra, sariva, Raktachanda, manjistha &  Amalaki gives good results in acne.