Healthcare Package at Parijatak

We provide disease-oriented specific Panchakarma packages to address a wide range of health problems- sciatica nerve treatment, spine care treatment, spinal stenosis treatment, hip pain treatment. You can ask for psoriasis treatment and thyroid treatment in a natural way. Ayurveda Treatment Packages are available for treating a range of lifestyle-related disorders. You can avail packages for diabetes treatment, hypertension treatment, obesity treatment, and stress treatment. Anxiety treatment and migraine treatment is best done with Ayurveda at Parijatak. For muscular treatment, frozen shoulder treatment, fibroids treatment, and skin disorders treatment Parijatak offer good therapeutic packages. All diseases packages are formulated for you and based on your consultation with Parijatak’s Ayurveda doctors. Panchakarma therapies can help you manages a wide range variety of ailments. Depending on the severity of the diseases and patient’s health, these packages may be continued from one week to three weeks.

We assure the best services in these Fields.