A headache is a worldwide common problem. A headache is one of the most disabling conditions causing pain, discomfort, loss of productivity which cause a disturbance in the day to day activity.

A migraine is the very common type of headache disorder now a day. According to global health survey near about 15% of the population is suffering from this disease & women’s are more sufferer than means.

Causes –

1) change is sleep patterns.

2) Change in weather conditions.

3)  Onset of menstruation.

4) Missing meal or fasting condition stress & anxiety.

– Long exposures to sunlight.

–  Long exposures to computer /T.V.

–  Loud sound.

–  Smoking & alcohol consumption.

– Sudden stopping of intake of coffee /tea

Symptoms –

  • Headache – which is pulsating & throbbing in nature .
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Depression
  • Craving for certain food items.
  • Muscle stiffness in neak region.
  • Excessive sleep.

Ayurveda aspect:-

Migraine is caused by excessive vessels.In Ayurveda migraine is similar to Anantavata , a vata dosha disorder . there is another condition disorder in Ayurveda the ardhavabhedak refers to a one-sided headache. Does not encompass migraine completely.  According to Ayurveda tridosha is responsible for migraine out of which vata & pitta doshas are predominant. vata controls are predomination. Vata controls the nerves system & brain. Improper metabolism, mental stress, causes vitiation & vata doshas which leads to excessive stimulation of brain & blood vessels.

Which vitiated pitta is responsible for dilation of blood vessels which causes dilation of blood vessels which causes the onset of migraine attack.


  •        Diet –

Good diet bulls good health of person. Hence diet always is full of six rasas i.e. good in the nutritional valve.

  • Only good & proper diet is not sufficient but diet  always be on time. Time of eating is very important.
  • Diet always accompanied with lots of salad & fruits.


Yoga –

Yoga s best remedy for migraine yoga is not only cure the disease but also it provide a good immunity to person.Pranayam   & medication – increases oxygen supply of brain & reduces the tension of brain & blood vessels.Some asana like – hasta pad asana, shishunasana , paschimottansana , adhomukh savasana , padmasana sata bandhasana is beneficial.

Panchakarma –

  •  Nasya – medicated oil drops poured in nose called as nasya therapy it helps in pacification of doshas.
  • Shirolepa – application of herbal paste over the head surface . it helps in painfiction pitta dosha .
  • Shiro dhara- pouring of medicated oil over the head . it relieves the stress & tension .
  • Kaval graha – oil pulling it is done by oil like anu tail which help in pacification of vata dosha.
  • Shirovasti – medicated oil retained for some period of time over the scalp.
  • Anuvasan basti – enema of medicated oil like dhanawantram dashmuldi oil. It helps in pacification of vata doshas.


Medicines –

  • Swarna sootshekhar chandrakala rasa
  • Godanti bhasma kamdudha rasa
  • Shankha bhasma
  • Pattyadi kadha . Bhoonimbadi kadha