Jalukavacharana/Leech Therapy

Letting of Impure blood from body by Leech is called as Jalukavacharan.

How they reacts?

Leeches secretes peptides, protein &hirsudin its salving which are anticoagulant in nature.

Improves the blood circulation & Prevents tissue death.


  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces Swelling.
  • Promote healing process.
  • Reduces pain significantly.
  • Antibacterial in nature.

Their saliva has over 100 bioactive substances.Out of which one is hirudin which acts as an anticoagulant agent.

Another is calin which inhibit the  blood coagulation.

Acetylcholine, histamine like substance as well as carboxypeptidase  A  inhibiter  helps in vasodilation .Hence it is significantly used in cardiovascular diseases for curative and prevention basis


















The word lekhana- Means ‘LekhanaanPatikaranam’

Means  scarifying helps in reducing fat.

The dravyas used in the preparation of lekhanavasti are-katu, tikta,Kashayaasa, Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna, Ushnavarya, katuvipakalekhana, Kaphavatahara, deepampachana&strotoshodhaka.

Dravya of lekhanavasti Performs shodhana by means of penetration in to deeperdhatus& corrects the dhatavagni which helps in reducing sthulata

Obesity means- Excessive deposition of fat in body.

Due to this gunas it removes abhisyavada from strotas& absorbs excessive kleda from body which helps in less fat deposition.


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