Botanical Name :Asteracanthalongifolia .Nees.


According To Modern

Kingdom – Plantae

Order –Perstenales

Family     –Acanthaceae


According To Ayurveda

Charak- Sukrasodhanavarga

Sushruta- Not mentioned in Gana

Bhavprakash- GuducyadiVarga


Other Names :

Hindi name- Kokilaskha, Talimakhana
English name- Hygrophila
Bengali name- Kulimakada, Kaatakalia
Gujarathi name- Ekharo
Marathi name- Talimakhana
Tamil name- Nirmuli
Telugu name- Neerugubbi

General Information :

Habit – stout herb with numerous fasciculate usually unbranched subquadrangularcrect stems grows upto 4 ft. Stems – thickened at the nodes, more or less hispid with long hairs. Leaves – Sessile, in verticels of 6 at a node, 2 outer leaves of the whorl are large upto 18 cm long and 3 cm wide, oblong – lanceolate, 4 in ner leaves reaching 4 cm in length, each of the 6 leaves with nearly straight sharp yellow spine, 2 to 4 cm long in its axil. Flowers – in whorls of 8 (4 pairs) at each node, bracts are about 2.5 cm long like the leaves, hairy and ciliate, purple coloured flowers which are 3.2 cm long, widely 2-lipped.

Properties (Gunadharma)


Vipak- Madhura

Virya- Sheeta

Guna-Guru, Snigdha, Picchila


Specific Parts :

Root, Seed, Panchanga, Kshara.


Doshaghnata :



Shloka’s :

कोकीलाक्षस्तूमधुर: शीत: पित्ताश्मरीप्रनुत।

वृश्य: कफहरोबल्योरुच्य: संतर्पण: पर: ।।


Benefits :

Vajakara (Aphrodisiac)

Powder prepared from seeds of Swayamgupta (Mucunapruriens) and lksuraka (Asteracanthalongifolia) is taken with warm milk by adding sugar.


Vatarakta (Gout)

In vatarakta (Gout ) the decoction of Kokilaksa(Asteracanthalongifolia) is beneficial. During this treatment he should take different preparations prepped from various parts of Kokilaksa.

  • The ash prepared by burning the dried plant (Kshara) is given with decoction of Tribulusterrestris to treat renal calculi.
  • The cold infusion of the seed of Asteracanthalongifolia is given in a dose of 25-30 ml to treat hepatomegaly and bloating of the abdomen.
  • The ash of the plant of Kokilaksha is mixed with cow urine and given to treat swelling of the body (Anasarca).


Formulation (Kalp) :



Dosage :

Quatha – 25 to 50 ml.

BeejaChoorna – 2 to 4 gm.

Svarasa – 10 to 20 ml.

Kshara – 0.5 to 1 gm.


Research Corner :

The aim of the present study was to study the effect of seeds of Asteracanthalongifolia on the sexual behavior of male albino rats. The ethanolic extract of seeds of A. longifolia was administered to groups of rats in 100,150 and 2200 mg kg doses for a period of 28 days , and the action compared with control rats. The changes in body and organweight, sexual behavior, histo-architecture and fructose levels of seminal vesicles were observed.

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