Botanical Name :Gossypiumherbaceum Linn.


According To Modern

Kingdom – Plantae

Order –Malvales

Family     –Malvaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak- Brimhaniyavarga

Sushruta- Vatasamsamanavarga

Bhavprakash- Guducyadivarga

Other Names :

Hindi name- Kapasi
English name- Cotton Plant, Levant cotton 
Kannada Name- Hatti
Gujarati name – Kapas, Von
Punjabi name – Kapas
Marathi name – Kapsi
Telugu name- PrattiChettu, Karpasimu
Tamil & Malayalam Name- Panji

General Information :

Habit- shrub grows upto 8 ft. in height. Leaves- Reniform, distinctly cordate-auriculate, leathery , often reticulate. Blade less than half cut into 3 to 5 lobes, the lobes are broad, ovate, rotund, suddenly acute. Stipules are long and linear. Inflorescence – Proliferous, forming many lateral spurs that carry two or more flowers, sometimes clustered. Flowers- yellow with purple claws. Fruit- Dehiscent, capsule

Types Of Plant’s :


Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa-Madhura, Katu, Kasaya


Virya- Ushna

Guna-Snigdha, Guru

Specific Parts :

Root, bark, flower, Seed

Doshaghnata :

Vata-Pittaghna, Vata-Pittakara

Shloka’s :





Benefits :

Internal :

The seed should be used in vibandha  beingsnehana and sransana. Leaf juice should be used in pravahika being pichchhila and flower in kamala and yakritvikara, being liver stimulant. Seed to be used in unmade-apasmara as it is nutrient and gives strength to majjavahasrotas. Syrup made of the flowers is useful in mental diseases as it is stimulant and soothing to the mind. Its decoction is given after delivery with shatapushpa and jiggery. It excretes lochia and prevents uterine infection. It is abortificient in a larger dose. Its seeds are advised in general debility. Svarasa in panduroga and flower or seed phanta in dhatturavishabadha.

Karpas seed powder helps in uterine contraction .It is used in Amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea as it pramotes the mentruation.

Karpas seed is stanykar hence it is used in lactating mother for lactation.

In case of snake bite -cold infusion of Karpasa seed is used.

cold infusion of karpas flower is used in Dhatura Poisoning.

Powder of Karpas seed is also used to treat Unmad and Apasmar.Sharabat of Karpas flower is also used to treat the Manas rogas.

Karpas swaras is used to treat Pandu roga.

External :
Seed paste is applied externally to treat inflammation, pain, poisonous bites, wounds and ulcers.
Oil prepared with seed is used in treating headache.

Seed paste of Karpas is applied externally to treat headche

Karpasa patra swaras is instilled in ears to treat the karna rogas

Formulation (Kalp) :

Name                                      indications

KarpasasthyadiChoorna          Chardi

KarpasasthyadiTaila                Vatavyadhi, Ardita


Dosage :

Decoction – 40 to 80 ml.

Seed Powder – 1 to 4 gm.

Research Corner :

Eight alkyl and six heterocyclic aza- derivatives of gossy-pol(2-15) have been synthesized using gossypol (1) extracted from Gossypiumherbaceum cottonseeds. The ability of gossypol aza-derivatives to form complexes with NaCIO (4) has been investigated by electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectra recorded in the positive and negative ion detection modes. The gossypol aza-derivatives have been characterized by FT-IR , (1) H and (13) C NMR spectroscopic methods and subsequently tested for their antifungal properties against Fusarium oxysporum.

Home remedies :

Vatavyadhi (Disorders of Vata)

Oil processed with seeds of karpasa (Gossypiumherbaceum) and Kulattha (Dolichosbiflorus) is beneficial in vatavyadhi (Disorders of Vata).

Kasa (Cough)

Fumigation with seeds of karpasa (Gossypiumherbaceum) and Aswagandha (Withaniasomnifera) is useful in kasa (Cough.)

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