Frozen shoulder  Means moment of shoulder joints freeze  due to inflammatory  thickening of the capsule of the shoulder joint. it causes pain in shoulder joint which radiates to arm & back.   The pain increases gradually.  Pain is more often in the night & due to pain patient will wake up from sleep. There was severe stiffness in shoulder joint which causes restriction of shoulder movements. Patient unable to lift his her hand.  It is more common in women of age 40-70 years.



  • Injury to shoulder joint
  • Overuse of shoulder joint .
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • lung  & heart diseases. Cervical spondolysis.
  • Rheumatic arthritis
  • Hypo or hyper thyroids
  • Parkinson’s   Disease


Frozen shoulder is the result of scarring thickening & shrinkage of the joint capsule. The capsule of shoulder joint  shrink which leads to pain & reduced range of shoulder movements.


Stages Of Foreseen Shoulder.

  • Freezing stage – pain increases gradually. Even slight shoulder movements cause pain.
  • Frozen stage – the pain may decrease but stiffness increases.
  • Thawing stage – the range of motion of shoulder joint improve.


According to Ayurveda:- 

In Ayurveda, ava banuk is similar to frozen shoulder. Avabahuk usually affects the ansa  Sandi ( shoulder joint ). It is caused by Vata dosh preliminary. Ansa shosha – i.e wasting of the shoulder can occur. The aggregated vata absorbs the liquid between two joints causing stiffness of joint and vitiated vata also contracts the veins ( sires) & muscles result in loss of movements.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder –

  Our aim behind the treatment is that to cure the disease of root.

Massage with medicated oil in a gentle manner with firm pressure so  that it get absorbed deeply into the body. It improves the blood circulation , rejuvenate the muscles &  tendons, clams nervous system  & balanced the vata dosh.

  • Nadi Swead-

Steam of medicated decoction on specific parts. It relieves the pain & improves the mobility & flexibility of joints. It also eliminates the toxins from the body through sweating.

  • Elakizhi-

The bolus of patras prepared ( errand, ark, nirgundia) & deep into medicated oil. Massage of this bolus done for some period of time. It rejuvenates body cells, reduces heaviness & stiffness, increases range & joint movements.

Installation of medicated oil in the nose. it is helpful in diseases of neck, throat, ear and eyes. it rejuvenates the tissue & organs of heads & neak.

  • Pizhichil-

Two synchronized  therapist pour warm herble oil over the entire body in specialized  rhythmatic manner. It provide strength to muscles & tendons  & prevent muscle wasting.

Medicines –

Guggul   kalpa  – like yograj  guggul , mahagograj  guggal, tanchtikta  guggul.

Kashay–  presanyadi  kashay, bala  guduchyadi   kashay, rasnadi  kashay.

Toil– vishgarbha   tail, prasarani tail,  mahanaryana   tail.