It occures due to hard and large stool.It is very common in young infants.Also it

Fissure means a tear on the mucosal lining of anus.

It occures due to hard and large stool.It is very common in young infants.Also it can occure at any age of life. Anal fissures typically cause pain and bleeding with bowel movements. Also person can feel spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of anus.



  • Severe pain during bowel movements
  • Pain after bowel movements that can last up to several hours
  • Bright red blood on stool after motion
  • Itching or irritation around the anus
  • A visible crack in the skin around the anus
  • A small lump or skin tag on the skin near the anal fissure


  • Passing large or hard stools
  • Constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Inflammatory disease of anorectal area.
  • Childbirth

Other causes are-

  • Anal cancer
  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes

Risk factors


  • Infancy-In younger age it is very common due to reaped passing of stool
  • Aging-Aging cause slow down of circulation which results in decrease blood supply to ano-rectal region
  • Constipation. Straining during bowel movements and passing hard stools increase the risk of tearing.
  • Childbirth. Anal fissures are more common in women after they give birth.


The primary cause of anal fissures is constipation. So by avoiding the constipation you can avoid the fissure problem also

  1. High intake of fibres,vegetables and salad
  2. Avoid tea and coffee
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Avoid straining during defaecation.
  5. Avoid non veg food
  6. Avoid spicy and masala foods
  7. Use of buttermilk


For acute condition-

Medicines like errand tail,triphala churna for relieving the constipation.

Local application of healing oils like jatyadi tailam

For chronic condion-

In which senital tag is formed,surgical treatment is advisiable.In Ayurveda the sentinal tag is cut by using a specialized medicated alkaline thread ligation technique, known as Kshara-sutra ligation

Sitz bath :- In acute as well as chronic cases of fissure in ano, Sitz bath with lukewarm triphala or panchwalkal kwath is quite helpful in relieving the pain.

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