Basti Treatment

Rainy season is coming , in this season nature grows with greenary but our family is suffering from many problems like viral fever, boadyache, common cold and cough due to sudden atmosphere changes.

In ayurveda this rainy season called as “Varsha Rutu” Ayurveda explained Rutuarchya for every rutus . Rutucharya means instruction of the aahar and vihar which should be followed on that particular season.

I would like to share the Varsha rutucharya with you. BY following such rutucharya with you. By following such rutucharya we should develop immunity and avoid all seasonal problems.


Diet (Aahar)

  • Metabolism is slow during rainy season, so consumption of light food only instructed.
  • Consumption of saindhav lavan and ginger before meal.
  • Do not take green vegetables in this season.
  • Avoid uncooked foods and salad .
  • Eat Fresh and Warm Food.
  • Consumption of haritaki churna with saidhav lavan.
  • Amla and Lavan Rasa sevan.
  • Ghee and Dugha pan.
  • Daily honey intake.
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