Erectile Dysfunction and Ayurveda-

Erectile Dysfunction means difficulty with  penis becoming hard or staying firm during the intercourse.


  • It may be the medical or psychological.
  • Organic cause like decrease  blood vessels or nerves supply to the  the penis
  • Harmonal cause
  • Some drugs like coccain,digoxin,sleeping pills,antidepressant
  • alcohol, and smoking.
  • Another causes are-

Psychological causes like-

fear,anxiety,depression are responsible for Erectile Dysfunction.


  • Weak erection / lack of erection

Ayurvedic Concept-

Vitiation of vata dosha is responsible for Erectile Dysfunction.

completely cure this disorder. Patients

should follow the underlying guidelines:

  • Take simple, chemical free diet, as many chemicals used for growing and manufacturing food articles can affect nervous functioning and sexual arousal.
  • Prevent indigestion, constipation and vitiation of Apan Vayu that is resposible for penile erection. So patient should avoid foods that trigger gas formation like potato, beans, peas, brinjal etc and prefer fruit vegetables, spices like dry ginger and drinks like lemon water which release gases easily.
  • Excessive salt, acids, tobacco & alcohol too should be avoided
  • Consumption of pure ghee and dry fruits like almond & cashew regularly boost sexual power and prevents erectile dysfunction.
  • Yogasan & Suryanamaskar –improves the physical and mental strength of person.It also increases blood supply to reproductive system.Improves the tone of muscle requires for erection.


Ayurveda describe the treatment under the special branch called as Vaajikaran.
Vaajikarana therapy provide good strength and viatility power to the person


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