• Dysponea is called as Svasam in ayurvedic classics.
  • Whenever we see shortness  of breath, we should differentiate whether it is from
    • Cardiac origin,
    • Respiratory origin or

Cardiac causes

  • Shortness of breath is commonly seen in heart failure.
  • It is seen in pulmonary oedema also.
  • Orthopnoea is a condition where there is shortness of breath when the patient lies down and is relieved by sitting up.
  • Pulmonary oedema is diagnosed by X-ray , echo, and clinical features.
  • Paroxysmal (Sudden), nocturnal (night ) dyspnoea is seen in heart failure.
  • Exertional dyspnoea is very common in coronary artery disease.
  • It is aggravated by physical activities.

Lung causes

  • Restrictive and obstructive lung disorders can produce dyspnoea.
  • Bronchitis, asthma and emphysema can produce dyspnoea
  • Pulmonary fibrosis is one of the commonly seen respiratory lung discorders.

Other causes

  • In fever, breathing is faster
  • Breath increases after exercise and in high altitude.
  • In anemia there will be dyspnoea.
  • In scoliosis there is dyspnoea
  • Hyper ventilation syndrome, (Psychological causes) are produced by anxiety.
  • It is produced by fear and they tend to believe that they have heart attack.
  • In extreme form of renal causes like uraemia there will be dyspnoea.



According to Ayurveda


  • It is one of the disorder where the disease is classified based
  • It is classified on the basis of its awastha.
  • Mahasvasam, china svasam, urdvasvasam denotes various avastas.
  • Mahasvasam, probably is a dyspnoea of higher center origin.
  • China svasam may be an injury  in the respiratory centre producing a bleed, that is why haemorrhage in one eye is mentioned.
  • Tamakasvasam denotes bronchial asthma.
  • Ksudrasvasam denotes hyper ventilation.
  • How we can manage the condition of cardiac asthama is discussed here
  • Except “ acute pulmonary oedema “ many forms of cardiac presentations can be managed by a skillful and trained Vaidya.

Cardiac Asthma

It has to be visualized like  vatasopham. Sophahara, hrdya, Vatanulomana, Mutrala

Following medicines are very effective


  • Bharangyadikasayam –
  • Arjunaksirapakam –
  • Punarnavadikasayam-
  • Pathyapunarnavadikasayam – With pippalicurnam
  • Mutravirecaniyaganam is highly useful.
  • Paniyam with hrdyamganam of Caraka is useful.
  • Mahadhanvantaravati
  • Pravalapanchamruta
  • Shrungavati
  • Swarnasutshekhar
  • Dasamulahartaki –
  • Dasamularasayanam
  • Bhrammarasayanam
  • Agasthyarasayanam
  • Cyavanaprasam
  • Arjunaristam
  • Abhayaristam
  • dasamularistam–


  • Srngabhasmam
  • Svarnabhasmam
  • Reduce salt
  • Reduce vigorous activities



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