Cure Back Pain without any need of surgery, Back pain cured with natural ayurvedic therapies


Back pain very common problems seen in every group of persons from teenagers to old one. It occurs due to the sedentary lifestyle and wrong postures. Uncomfortable chairs in the office, excessive traveling, job or improper positions during sleep can cause pain. Initially, back pains are mild and it is treated by some painkillers. But day by day it keeps on aggravating and starts causing severe problems like slip disc, spondylosis of spine, scoliosis if not treated properly.

Hence if you’re suffering from back pain don’t ignore it.

Other reasons behind back pain are:

  • Overweight
  • Smoking
  • Arthritishypothyroidism treatment in nagpur
  • Tuberculosis of spine
  • Spinal anaesthesia
  • Cervical Spondolysis


Therapies for back pain

  • Abhyanga-  

Oleation of the whole body through medicated oil. This massage therapy can soothe pain, relax stiff muscles and reduces the swelling also with Abhyanga deep seated toxins in joints and tissues are loosened and released into the system for elimination through the natural process. It also provides resistance against injuries and gives the power to recover quickly. It provides strength and flexibility to muscles and joints.

  • Kati Basti

The dough of urad dal prepared and pool like structure formed on the back. This is poured with warm medicated oil for 30-40min. The temperature of the oil is maintained by reheating. After that gentle massage was performed for 15-20min. It was done for 7-8days continuously.

It provides strength to back muscles which maintain the normal curvature of spine and bones. It relieves the pain and alleviates the numbness. It increases circulation in the region and highly effective in inflammatory conditions. It also helps in the nourishment of nerves and muscles.

  • Pizichil

Performed by medicated oil pizhichil means squeezing. Here the whole body is bathed in streams of Luke warm medicated oil with simultaneously soft massage. It is very effective in rheumatic and neuro muscular disorders. It nourishes the muscles and nerve tissue. It relieves the muscle the muscle spasm.

  • Elakizhi

Done with different types of leaves. Leaves of eranda, nirgundi, arka, rasna, coconut leaves, lemon, and curcumin are fried with herbal ingredients and tie into cloth boluses. These are dipped into warm medicated oil and used for massaging the body. It improves the blood circulation, increases muscle tone, relieves the pain and stiffness and provides strength.

  • Njvarakizhi

Application of certain medicinal drug with navara rice in the form of blouses, dip into the bala siddha kwath and milk. It is very effective in degenerative diseases. Also effective in nervous disorder and, muscular weakness. It makes musculature strong and sturdy.

  • Sneha Basti-

Enema of medicated oil or medicated decoction helps in pacification of vata dosha.