We all know the basic things about Diabetes. Diabetes is a “Maharoga” i.e Major Diseases which affect many systems in the body. It Hampers on the nervous system, digestive system, renal system, cardiovascular system and many more. So it is very important that you should fight against diabetes.

Diabetes can not be treated by taking medicine alone, But it also requires a change in lifestyle, healthy diet, physical exercise, and improvement in physical health.

Here we treat diabetes with the help of Ayurveda but also rejuvenate your mind and soul.

In our center, we carried out a trial on 20 patients with diabetes. In which 9 patients of diabetes was on insulin and 11 patients on oral antidiabetic drugs.

We treat all patients by our DMP therapy means diabetes mellitus program. The 12 patients whose on antibiotic drugs their sugar level range is around. Fasting 160 – 198 mg/dl and Postmeal 280-320mg/dl with medications.

And HbA1c  7 -8.9  that is poor control

  • 1st 8 days we do “Yoga-DM program” i.e 8 days yoga basti treatment with snehan, swedan, and basti which specially design for diabetes.

Due to diabetes treatment, all the doshas and toxins elements in body expelled out and shudhiKaran of the body done.

In first 8 days patients, sugar level control is fasting 100-160 and post meal sugar is significantly decreased and the range is about 160-190.

Means 1st 8 days important in control of post-meal sugar. Then we did virechan karma on a patient by our “Virechan Kadha” helps in improvement of liver metabolism so it effects seen in HbA1c level.

The HbA1c level range is from 6.5 – 7.0 i.e in good control. Then we started to reduce their oral antidiabetic drugs gradually. After that we started again basti treatment for more control of diabetes with a reduced dose of antidiabetic medicines.

We did basti course for 8 days again with medicines like panchatikta dashmool and with this shirodharra started to the patient to reduced stress and strain then after 8 days we have seen good control in fasting sugar- Fasting sugar range is now. 80-110 mg/dl and postmeal in the range of 140-170. Again we totally stop antidiabetic drugs and started ayurvedic medicine like chandraprabha vati, gudmarg ghan, madhurantak for maintenance of sugar level.

After that, we did HbA1c examination the level is 5.5-6.7 that means it is in best-controlled range. Along with this we also did changes in their lifestyle, diet and exercise regime. This also helps in reduction of complications of diabetes i.e diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy.

Then we did research on a patient of diabetes with insulin. In this group, some patients have very poor control of diabetes i.e their fasting sugar level is-

160-260 and postmeal level is

280-420 with HbA1c of 8-11.5/12 and another group od diabetic with nephrotic syndrome.

Here 1st we did virechana for them along with sansarjana karma and ayurvedic medicine we saw thereat result in HbA1c level range 7.0-8.


Then we started yoga basti DM program for removal of toxins and enhancement of pancreas function after 8 days sugar level Ps fasting – 140 -200 and post meal 190-350 means only some control seen in sugar level. After that we started Kalbasti upkarma along with Shirodhara and padabhyanga.

Patients insulin dose reduction was done as many patients had hypoglycemia. After that, we started Nisha amalko yoga for the patient and saw treatments results in glucose level. 5 patients out of g totally stopped insulin and only took some antidiabetic drags with some ayurvedic medications  and 4 patients whose dose in reduction done in insuline and but could not stop insulin as  sugar level is not in well controlled manner did more 7 days treatment. then after we did their ugar exam the fasting level is ranging from 100-120 and postmeal 160-180 and HbA1c range 6 – 7.2. They only took ayurvedic medicines for maintaince of sugar level and stop all their allopathic medications medications and insuline.

This is only possible because of lifestyle management.

-Diet management

-Stress management

and Panchakarma Therapies.