Ayurvedic treatment for Fibroid Uterus, Fibroid means tumor, which is commonly found in female’s reproductive system. It is also known as Leiomgoma, myma or fibroma. It is commonly seen in middle and later reproductive age. It is also benign and non cancerous. It is made up of smooth and soft muscle cells and fibrous conncetive tissue that develop in uterus fiboids.

Size of fibroid maqy vary from small to very large. In some cases it may be more than one. Some cases it is asymptomatic also but some times it produces severe symptoms also. It may be hereditory or it is due to Oestrogen level imbalance.

Causes Of Fibroid Uterus

  • Obesity
  • Parity
  • Low thyroid level
  • Smoking
  • Low physical excercise

Symptoms Of Fibroid Uterus

  • Painful during menses
  • Heavy bleeding during menses or intermenstrual bleeding
  • Lower abdomen pain and tightness
  • Recurrent abortions or infertility
  • Large Fibroid Causes constipation or frequent urination
  • Pain during intercourse

Ayuvedic View on Fibroid Uterus

Fibroid uterus explained under “Granti Roga” by Acharya Sushrut. According to him granthi means tumors is ormed by kapha and vata doshas. Kapha produce rounded protuberant, Knotty, Glandular hard swelling. Vata doshas are responsible for cell division. If this combined with pitta it leads excessive bleeding. Thius tridoshas vitiate Rakta, mamsa and meda dhatu.

Hence our treatment is all on tridoshas and Rakta, mamsa and meda dhatu. Another things is Aartav-vaha stotras involved in this pathogenesis. Aartav- vatia strotas include uterus, fallopian tubes and ovasies so treatment on Aartav – vaha strotas that is cleaning of aartav vaha strotas must be useful in fibroid uterus.

When fibroids present in uterus it causes, heavy bleeding , intermenstrual bleeding, dymenorrhoea and infertility and when this tumor is present in cervical regions it causes recurrent vaginal infecttion, painful intercourse and bleeding.


Ayuvedic Treatment For Fibroid Uterus


  • Herbal Medications- Like kanchanar guggul, haridra khanda, chandraprabha vati, triphala guggul for internal intake.
  • Vata-  Kaphahar drugs mainly used for breaking of pathogenesis.
  • For purification of blood  – Manjishtha, Sariva, Ashoka, Kumari etc are used
  • For Lekhana of mamsa and medha dhatu- Guggul, Panchakola, Triphala, Yashtimadhu should be used.
  • For Amapachan- Panchakol churna, sunthi churna, shankha vati, Pachan should be administered.

As we know that Granthi mainly formed by kapha and vata doshas. So for pacification of kapha – vaman is best and for pacification of vata doshas basti is best.

Basti opf doshamula known for helpful in gyanee related disorders. For purification of rakta dhatu virechan and raktamoshan performed.

Raktamoksha by leech near umbilical region should be performed for yoni and garbhashayagat rogas.

Uttarbasti with lekhan dravyas like kasisadi tel should be performed for internal scrapping of uterine layer.

Uterine Fibroid can be get cured by the Ayurvedic medications and panchkarma therapies. Every time surgery is not a only option.

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