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How can Parijatak Cure Slipped Disc /Back Pain Cervical Spondylitis / Spine Problems?

Ayurveda is the oldest and one of the most trustworthy forms of medication and treatment which had been developed by the learned sages many centuries ago. With time it has undergone a lot of research and evolved into the more improved mode of treatment. Parijatak, being one of the renowned Ayurveda centers, is a good place for spinal cord injury treatment, neck pain, cervical spondylitis, cervical pain, and slipped disc injury treatment without surgery.

Spinal cord injury treatment is best done with Ayurveda.  The Ayurvedic Treatment Spine Care Injury is associated with consequences such as complete loss of spinal movements, incontinent bladder functions, bed sores, etc. Studies have shown that there is no satisfactory treatment available in biomedicine. Only limited treatments are available only for enhancement of spinal cord function.

These treatments have a lot of limitations. Ayurvedic medication and Panchakarma therapies have been in use to treat such conditions for a long time. Improvements in spine condition have been reported by our patients which have shown that our way of treatment is better.

Spinal cord injury treatment in Ayurveda considers aligning the spine in its real shape. The Ayurveda experts at Parijatak are experienced in providing treatment for lower back pain, middle back pain, and giving backache treatment in a less painful way- no surgeries are involved in our treatment. We strengthen the spinal cord, help in relaxing the muscles and body, and strengthen surrounding muscles and ligaments and tendons. We emphasize a location of the spine and vertebrae with intervertebral spaces. The stability provided to vertebral column so as to avoid reoccurrence of the same. We take special care in treating the joint pain in a vertebral column.


bulging disc in the neck occurs when a disc in the upper, or cervicalspine is damaged and weakened to the point that it protrudes outward. This protrusion is caused by continual pressure from the surrounding vertebrae pressing down on the disc in between the vertebrae and causing it to expand  beyond normal.

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Back Pain – Cure Completely with Ayurveda

Back Pain – Cure Completely with Ayurveda

Spondylosis is common and worsens with age. This condition is often used to describe degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) of the spine.Most people don’t have symptoms, but some may experience pain or muscle spasms.

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Slipped Disc Ayurvedic Treatment at Parijatak India

Back pain is pain in any region of the back, Low back pain is caused by injury to a muscle (strain) or ligament (sprain). Common causes include improper lifting, poor posture, lack of regular exercise, a fracture, a ruptured disc or arthritis.

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Slipped Disc Ayurvedic Treatment at Parijatak India

Best Things You Must Know About Ayurveda for Slipped Disc Treatment India

Slipped disc symptoms are caused when a disc in the spinal column protrudes out or breaks open, potentially causing nerve compression. The term slipped disc is a general nonmedical term that may refer to a herniated disc, bulging disc or spondylolisthesis, a condition involving vertebral slippage.

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Backache and Ayurveda Dealing with Backache with Herbal Remedies

Backache is most commonly seen in any stage of life including children also.The reason behind that back pain is our sedentary lifestyle and un proper diet. Stress factor also elevate the back pain

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Cervical Spondylitis Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda

Cervical Spondylitis, known as Greeva graham in Ayurveda is a condition characterized by stiffness of the neck muscle and its surrounding areas. The science of Ayurveda classifies it as a Vata condition.

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Sciatica Symptoms and Ayurveda Treatment India

Sciatica is a term that describes symptoms of pain, numbness, and/or weakness that radiate along thesciatic nerve from the lower back to the buttocks and leg.

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Best Natural Ayurvedic Cure for Sciatica

Cure Back Pain without any surgery

Back pain very common problems seen in every group of persons from teenagers to old one. It occurs due to the sedentary lifestyle and wrong postures.

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Manya Basti Effective Treatment Neck Pain

Manya means neck and Basti is the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn. So the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn on the cervical or the neck region is called Manyabasti.

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Best Importance Tips For Grivabasti Therapy

Quite similar to the katibasti the procedure of applying heat to the cervical region by retaining warm medicated oil with in a specially formed frame on this area is known by the name Grivabasti.

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Get Ayurvedic Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda India

Spondylitis is a term used to describe a group of arthritis-based spine conditions that cause inflammation in the vertebrae and sometimes joints of the spine.

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