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Benign essential tremor is a medical disorder of the central nervous system characterized by muscle spasms and chronic shaking. The most commonly affected areas like hands, head, legs and arms. However, this condition has no signs of being cancerous or malignant but does cause great discomfort to complete the daily chores like bathing, eating, and walking.

As per the recent research it is revealed that millions of people being affected by this disease due to unpredictable causes. However, the most common risk factors discovered by medical practitioners are genetic mutation, age factor and inheritance pattern of autosomal dominant.

The known and most common essential tremor symptoms of essential tremor are shaking movement or tremor of hand, arms, legs, neck, or tongue. This gets worsen with movement of the affected body part and further provoked by emotional stress, intake of caffeine, extreme temperature or fatigue.

The natural science of healing states this medical condition as “Kampavata” that is caused due to an imbalance of the vata dosha that is further aggravated by the few psychological conditions like ‘Chinta’ known as excessive deep thinking and ‘Bhaya’ known as fear, neurosis and anxiety. Some of the most common and popularly used herbal remedies are:

Passionflower: This herb has excellent relaxing qualities and is the best remedy to increase the GABA or gamma-amino butyric acid level in the human brain. This further helps calming down the imbalanced brain activity and bring forth a relaxed state of mind.

Valerian: This herb is a wonderful cure for treatment of anxiety and nervousness while promoting relaxation of mind and body.

Kava Kava: The use of kava kava is traditionally as a ritual drink that is universally used as a relaxing agent. It does have excellent calming effect on the wiveringa dn unrelaxed state of mind. However, the use is to put under supervision or wise prescription because it has a side effect of causing harm to the liver.

Brahmi: This is a well-known herb used for curing various brain disorders. The ingredients of the herb works to improve mental awareness, increase concentration, enhance the cognitive ability, strengthen the power to focus, boost immune functions, and treat headaches while overall delivering a calming and relaxing effect.

In addition, other herbs like arnica, skullcap, lady ’s slipper, kushmanda, shankhapushpi, yastimadhu, jatamamsi, and German chamomile have experimented impact on the functioning of the central nervous system. Important to mention that certain lifestyle changes to promote a healthy living, a stress free environment, reducing the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks also adds to the natural cure.

Parijatak is a reputed essential tremor ayurvedic treatment center Nagpur that provides the best treatment and cure to relive the pain and discomfort of the shaking body parts. The team here has all the expertise and knowledge about various health disorders and is not only the best essential tremor treatment Nagpur but also one of the best Ayurvedic and wellness clinics in India.

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